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Hello <>, and a warm welcome to 'Balance in Life' your free monthly newsletter
April 03, 2013
Hello <>,

A Warm Welcome To The 'Balance in Life' Electronic Newsletter

Hi, I'm Martin, and I'm very happy to be sharing a little more about life in this free monthly newsletter.

2012, as all years do, has been left behind. We may look back and see what we have achieved and look forward to starting afresh in 2013.

A couple of months have just vanished behind us. And changes are afoot . . .

Changes in your life and changes in mine. And the same with and BalanceInLife ezine.

A new shorter look this month. And there will be further changes to website and ezine in the coming months. I'll admit to taking the foot off the gas in recent times, but now, with renewed energy and direction, enhancements, amendments, changes, improvements - they are all in the pipeline.

So please keep in touch and take advantage of these changes as the months of 2013 go by.

And in your own life - know that life is really in YOUR hands.

Look at things in your own life and see what needs to change. What new things are required and what of the old needs to be (at least temporarily) left behind.

Be a part of this exciting adventure - here and now! Start today and do not stop!

What do you think? How can your ezine be improved? Which articles would you like to see?

Let me know by sending me your feedback using this link.

Main Article

Each month there will be an article, with fresh content, that goes into a subject in a little more detail. Perhaps give a different stance. Perhaps provide food for thought. Perhaps . . .

This month a different theme.

If you would understand anything

If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development. Aristotle

Take in all things they can have meaning and deepen our understanding of what we do and see in life.

There is much in beginnings. The origins. The start of things. How they came about.

What is understanding? Appreciation. Fulfilment. Wisdom. Knowledge. Satisfaction. Contentment. All or a combination of these things?

What is gained by understanding? Knowing who we are. Our place in the world. What we should be doing. What we should be pursuing.

And to understand we need to use our senses.

Look and see, but observe also. To take things in, and with our full senses.

If you would understand anything. Listen. To yourself and the world around you.

Feel. Release your intuition. Get in tune with your feelings. There is much to tell and many a cul-de-sac to avoid if you follow your inner feelings.

Touch. Be touched. But touch also. Feel the texture and vibrancy of things. Feel the roughness and the smooth edges.

The senses can tell us much. But what we take in. The triggers. How do we respond to them? What do we understand? What do we appreciate? What can we glean? What new knowledge is to be had?

What do we 'read' in the world about us? What do we observe and go - 'ah ha'- that is how that works . . . that is what I have been missing . . . that will be helpful . . . that gives me an idea . . . that helps . . .

How many 'ah ha' moments have you had today?

Did you have one and ignored it? Let it pass you by?

Or did you catch it. Appreciated it. Understood it. 'Grok'ed' it.

And moved on from it.

It gave you direction. Gave you focus. Gave you meaning.

And the first time you do anything how well do you do? A bit strange, eh.

If you would understand anything - it does not always come naturally, eh.

You may seem a little awkward at first.

Then you observe. See it done. Grasp the basics. See the essentials. Have a go.

And you make a little progress. You get better. So you try again.

And soon you get the hang of it.

Another tool in your armoury. Another skill. Another ability that you have.

And you can see its uses. And combined with other skills that you have. And it starts to make some sense.
br /> Some understanding dawns upon you.

And if you would understand anything - you see its place in your life and your world.

And your life marches on, day by precious day . . .

Hope you enjoyed it and found it beneficial. Be inspired to become more in 2012. Make the most of every moment you have. Martin

What do you think? Let me know by sending me your feedback using this link.

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Again it has been a real pleasure spending time with you. I look forward to meeting up with you next month - May 2013.

Many thanks to all of you who have been reading these ezines over the months. And for your good wishes, comments and suggestions.

In the meantime make the most of your life. Enjoy your days. And if you want to contact me about anything pertaining to self esteem and life then you know where to do so.

May I just wish you all every success and hope that you find enjoyment, satisfaction and fulfillment in your life in the coming days and years.

All best from England, Martin

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