Overcome Lack Of Motivation To Claim Your Rightful Place In Life

Lack of motivation detracts from your ability to live a productive and satisfying life. Self motivation tips and understanding different types of motivation are the remedy. Move forward with confidence and conviction.

When you choose your attitude for success and satisfaction and use smart goal setting then the world can really become your oyster. As you develop self confidence and boost your self esteem life not only looks rosier but your perspective can change, taking on new and enhanced colors, depth and understanding.

Types of motivation

There are different types of motivation. You need to be able to fire up your motivation (to remove any lack of motivation).

Let us briefly look at a few ways here:
  • incentive is something that rewards us for an action about to be taken, but could be the threat of punishment
  • inspiration is a motivation that excites us, energizes us, stimulates us or our emotions to act
  • motive is something that causes or impels us to act; an emotion, desire, impulse or need to act
  • stimulus is something that provokes us to respond and hence to act
  • reason is the thought or idea or decision that once made instigates the action, and will help us to justify or explain our action
  • impulse is something that seems right, a wish or urge to act in a particular way
  • persuasion is where we need something to direct us, change our mind, cement our decision prior to action, often a strongly held opinion or conviction
  • inducement can be a bribe or gain or reward to taking said action; a cause or incentive to act
  • carrot and stick is where there is incentive (the carrot) and incitement/threat (the stick) to make us act, a two pronged attack one might say
We can see that motivation can result from several different directions. If we look around us motivation incentives abound. But behind these various 'motivations' normally exists something that inspires us, drives us to act. There should be something real, for buying motivation is not normally a possibility or helpful.

Lets be clear that the concept of motivation stems from our ambition, hunger or interest in the goal that fuels our efforts and action. This fuel is important as words of motivation, motivation speech or motivation phrases, one to another, will only take us so far. And without this fire in our belly we can easily suffer from lack of motivation.

Self motivation tips

Self motivation tips can prove useful. After all, though we may like other people or situations to provide the motive to act (our motivation in life), when it comes from within ourselves it carries greater weight and purpose.

Inner motivation comes from feeling good about ourselves and the thing(s) that we wish to achieve or accomplish. If we do not really want to achieve 'X' then we prevaricate and/or find ways to put off the effort or (hard) work required to achieve it. Equally if we don't respect ourselves then there will be less than focused efforts applied to achieve our goals.

So the first and best tips for motivation is to be in sync and harmony with yourself (and the object/goal/project/dream of your motivational effort). When this occurs real progress can be made, and often (seemingly) with little effort or work - but the effort/work has really been applied in staying in touch with yourself and the things that you wish to achieve.

Inner motivation flows when we have healthy self acceptance and wholesome self respect. And good doses of self esteem, self confidence and the determination and persistence to get the job done. The reverse occurs in cases of lack of motivation.

The importance of motivation should be clear to all.

Choose your attitude

When you choose your attitude you are really taking charge of your behavior and how you can (and will, given the chance) act in your life.

What is our attitude? It is a person's perspective toward achieving a specified target. It can illustrate our behavior and the way we say or do things.

Our attitude shows the way we see, evaluate or respond to other people, events and circumstances in our lives. It can be positive, rational and intuitive when we are motivated, or negative, irrational and abstract when we feel a lack of motivation.

I like to view our attitude as the precursor of our behavior. And is the summation or amalgam of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, prejudices, amongst other things. It can have multi layers and be complex, as we are as human beings. But in this mix of humanity we have choice. We can choose how to act (which type of attitude to adopt). Our attitude belies our character and our levels of loyalty, honesty and integrity.

And as life is an ever changing soup of events, circumstances and situations, many of which are beyond our control (and rightly so in many cases), our attitudes to different things or people can change depending upon what is happening, our state of mind, the stance of the other players, and other variables around at the time.

All sounds a bit heavy, but if we can choose an attitude that is positive and meaningful, productive and thoughtful, caring and determined, then we can take our place as a responsible and productive member of the human race. One who is making a real, good and wholesome contribution to the majesty of life and the rich tapestry of flavors and colors and variance that makes up 21st Century human life. After all, happiness and motivation are two things that can go hand in hand, one complimenting the other.

Simply put, be conscious, try your best, think of others and put some effort in. And likely you will be helping to make this world a little better place to live in.

Smart goal setting

What is smart goal setting? You have probably heard the expression used, but is it really as useful as people say?

So what is smart goal setting? It is a process by which certain aspects of the goal setting process are determined or defined:
  • Specific - Objective or goal should be precisely defined, not be woolly or 'wish-washy'
  • Measurable - There should be a means of measuring the objective/goal, to know when it is achieved (and further goals initiated)
  • Agreed-To/Achievable - All concerned need to agree to the objective/goal; equally, it should be achievable
  • Realistic/Rewarding/Relevant - The objective/goal should be realistic (eg time frame, resources available, etc); and it should be possible and make sense to the individual/team trying to achieve it
  • Time-related - It should be possible to be completed within the required time scale
Additionally, smart goals should be outcome based. The outcome or result or change needs to have a defined end (before the next phase or next goal or project), and that needs to be measurable.

Smart goal setting takes the heat out of deciding how to tackle goals. It can help to illustrate that goal setting and motivation are intimately linked. It gives the individual or team specific and well thought out guidelines within which each aspect of the goal can be achieved and related to the project as a whole. Goals can be short term or long term in need or time for completion and realization.

How to overcome lack of motivation

How to overcome lack of motivation?

There are various motivational ideas, methods and techniques at our disposal. These can improve your self-motivation or be involved in self motivation development and include the following:
  • dealing with disappointment
  • what gets you motivated (excited)
  • what are your strengths
  • play to your strengths
  • dealing with criticism
  • delaying gratification
  • if at first (you don't succeed)
  • dealing with change
  • overcoming obstacles
  • be your best
  • put the effort in
  • remain positive
  • dealing with negative thoughts
  • motivation for success
  • being a success
  • dealing with failure
  • tackling your fears
  • be more assertive
  • take control
  • delegation
  • be productive
I hope these 'how to overcome a lack of motivation' pages will help you to find what you are looking for in life. Let me know by sending me your feedback using this link.

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