A Warm Welcome To The 'Balance in Life' Electronic Newsletter

Hi, I'm Martin, and I'm very happy to be sharing a little more about life in this free monthly newsletter.

Life is very precious as we all know. And it is a noble aim to get the most out of it. Each month you will find new content here - not seen elsewhere first. Read and think and enjoy!

There will be a mixture of material to get our teeth into. To help move our lives along if we so wish. To think about life if that is what we want to do. Or to just ponder and wonder about life's rich tapestry, and what it has to offer us.

September 2009 Contents

So what do we have in store this month in this edition of 'Balance in Life'?

So let us get started on this months edition . . .

On a Lighter Note

Following on from the Lighter Note page on the website I thought I would provide just a few more quotes here each month.

Another chance to smile, to ponder, to think, to . . .

Opposition is true friendship William Blake

You can't teach an old dogma new tricks. Dorothy Parker

All men would be tyrants if they could. Daniel Defoe

Most men who live long die some years before their funerals. William Allingham

You can shear a wolf; but will he comply? Edmund Burke

Nothing is more fertile than understanding. Roberto Calasso

Sense must be very good indeed, to be as good as nonsense. Julius and Augustus Hare

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    Prose Corner

    Each month I will look through my notebooks and find a little bit of prose 'n poetry. Often written in a few minutes, so please don't expect Wordsworth, but hopefully these entries will provide a little interlude in your day. A chance to think and ponder, to daydream or to visualize, to perhaps see things in a different light.

    Please see what you think and let me know if it is useful or not - highlights some valuable points but in a lighter vein . . .

    Happy reading.

    To life's secrets are we really blind
    will we not let life's magic unravel and unwind
    for us in our own way
    does this not make this a glorious day

    I may need your help someday
    in the meantime what can I do
    for you to ahead manage to repay
    for what you'll do for me sometime

    A time for ourselves, a time to relax
    a time to feel free and no tax
    away from the telephone and the fax
    you know best and that's a fact

    In life we need to open doors
    there's no manual or conducted tours
    we can still experience life's true wonders
    and on life's secrets we sit and ponders

    In life we all love our chores
    be they inside or out of doors
    makes no difference in the end
    do them well and a good message send

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    New Developments and Sister Websites

    You may have noticed some new red links appearing on some of the web pages.Clicking through these links will offer you opportunities to have a say (AND a page on the website). These subjects will be expanding in the coming months.

    This is your chance to have a real say and contribute your thoughts, your feelings for the benefit of all visitors. Get your thinking caps on and help another visitor along the way.

    The following gives the first of the 'red links' I have created for you. Enjoy playing YOUR part in assisting others in this way

    comfort zone story

    YOUR favorite self development book

    YOUR critical thinking quotes


    Feel free to offer your own thoughts and ideas - please just keep them focused on the subject of the page (there will be several more on different areas of topical interest in due course). Or see what others have shared and add comments to their input.

    I will keep you up to date with this exciting initiative as the months go by.

    Have your say and your presence on the Internet - YOUR very own web page. This is your chance.

    Sister websites

    I will continue to add focused content and expand the www.self-esteem-enhances-life.com website but I will also be building my other websites, too.

    My second website is www.successful-decision-making.com This is all about making decisions and to help you in making the right decisions for you.

    There has been a number of developments - please see the following example webpages:

    www.successful-decision-making.com pages

    Decision Making pages

    action**** direction**** examine**** planning

    Challenge pages

    conscience**** conformity**** common sense**** change**** priority**** tackle

    Life Changing pages

    journey**** mission**** opportunity**** saying no**** saying yes

    My third website is www.guide-to-managing-change.com which helps us all to handle change better and look at the consequences of change and the challenges involved.

    There has been a number of developments - please see the following example webpages:

    www.guide-to-managing-change.com pages

    Circumstances pages

    danger**** luck**** mistakes**** sacrifice

    Vision pages

    answers**** certainty**** despair**** foresight**** insight

    Responsibility pages

    consciousness**** consequences**** crucial**** duty**** quality

    My aim with these three websites is provide a one-stop information and inspiration center to help support and assist us all through life. And help us all get the most out of our lives.

    Be a part of this exciting adventure - here and now!

    What do you think? Let me know by sending me your feedback using this link.

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    What's been happening on the website

    Recent developments on www.self-esteem-enhances-life.com

    If you look on the SiteMap page you will see a number of recent page additions.

    It has been another productive month.

    So now there are further pages in the different sections of the website. If I may just point out the following examples:

    Emotions pages

    surprise**** concern**** happiness**** jealousy**** pity

    Our emotions are important to us. I hope you find some useful information and inspiration here.

    Please have a look and let me know if this is the sort of material you find interesting and useful.

    My next pages will be providing further content on different topics for the website.

    If you'd like to provide any feedback or comments please use my Contact Me page.

    RSS feed

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    on my Home Page please click on the RSS button, top left of the page, and follow the instructions.

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    As you know this is free to your email box at the beginning of each month. If this is not your own copy then please follow this link to sign up for your very own copy

    Main Article

    Each month there will be an article, with fresh content, that goes into a subject in a little more detail. Perhaps give a different stance. Perhaps provide food for thought. Perhaps . . .

    This month more of a thought provoking theme.

    Does a smile cheer you up?

    Present day 21st Century life is a pressure cooker. Stresses and strains all over the place, even without us inventing some of our own.

    In the midst of this we all need a little light. A little something to give us heart for the fight ahead. A little warmth to keep the chill of making decisions or handling change.

    And where can these come from? And why are they so uplifting?

    Are they just a momentary thing? At times that is all that is needed. A little glimpse of something that has an amazing effect on us and our being.

    And why is that - because they come from the heart. A real heart to heart. A moment of connection from one being to another, sometimes recognized, othertimes felt but not understood. But the spirit is lifted and life goes onto another level.

    We can encourage another and save a life today. That may sound dramatic but it can be true - though we may never know it. Give another the benefit of your experience and help and support them. Assist them in a small way. That can send ripples through their life, ripples you may not see, from which they can really benefit.

    Comfort another person today. Things are rarely as bad as they appear. But we are stuck in there and cannot see the sunlight trying to filter through the leaves of the trees above us. Be that sunlight and soothe the way for another person - when the situation comes along. Don't miss those moments. You can really contribute and help another person, and by doing very little. (But is it really very little - you tell me.)

    Brighten up another person's life today. They are down in the dumps. You don't have to tell a joke, unless it is appropriate. Just put an arm around them (figuratively if that is appropriate) and help to raise their spirits. Leave them feeling better about themselves and life than when you first appeared.

    When someone asks you how you are today, smile and say fine, great and mean it. Telling them all your problems - how you got up late, etc, - is that really going to help anyone. Gently move them on to brighter, lighter topics.

    Don't hesitate, do that little task that will help another. Do it now. Don't leave it until you have more time. You'll do just fine.

    Be gracious in return when you receive a small gift of joy, of light in your life.

    Don't sweat the small stuff. Life is too short. Focus on the important. Do all tasks with real and genuine effort, but know what is important.

    Don't just do things for the reward you'll get. Do things because they need to be done. Give of yourself without thought of what you will get in return.

    Give thanks for your situation, and mean it. Each and every day. You are blessed, realize it. Savor it. Taste it. Experience it. Live your life from it.

    Walk round and smile. Not leer, smile!

    Someone wants to take you down a peg, smile. A genuine smile disarms many a situation. Answer the telephone with a smile.

    That not only lifts the atmosphere but also your own spirits, too. Who can be depressed or down with a genuine smile on their face? At the beauty of life, not just some sick joke. At the majesty of nature, at the richness of life.

    Elevate your thoughts and feelings above the mundane day to day and see the bigger picture. The beauty of life. The wonder of existence.

    Try to spend a little time each day feeling, thinking about life. Breathing in its preciousness. And don't be afraid to show your true feelings about your lot. Be happy. Be content. Find satisfaction.

    Be a smiler and you will brighten up your world, and those who enter into it.

    Is their a conclusion? I'll leave you with a few quotes that will help to put aspects of life into perspective . . .

    Are you Groucho Marx? No, are you? Groucho Marx

    You're Michael Caine. I know. Michael Caine

    Dogs have a nice life. You never see a dog with a wristwatch. George Carlin

    Perfume: any smell that is used to drown a worse one. Elbert Hubbard

    People will believe anything if you whisper it. Karl Kraus

    Hope you enjoyed it and found it beneficial. Martin

    What do you think? Let me know by sending me your feedback using this link.

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    Until the next edition of 'Balance in Life'

    So, that is all for this month - doesn't time fly! Again it has been a pleasure spending time with you. I look forward to meeting up with you next month, at the beginning of the October 2009.

    In the meantime make the most of your life. Enjoy your days. And if you want to contact me about anything pertaining to self esteem and life then you know where to contact me.

    May I just wish you all every success and hope that you find enjoyment, satisfaction and fulfillment in your life in the coming years.

    All best from England, Martin

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