Your Own Website - Need Not Be A Far Off Dream

Yes, you can do this.

You can build your own website.

You can realize your own dreams.

You can fulfill your dreams.

Read on and find out how . . .

And how do I know? How do I know you could build your own website? Because with Solo Build It! (SBI!) help I am writing this today. Though I enjoy writing I have never built my own website. I had looked at the programming language - yes, I do like IT - but learn it, no. Use it no. My experience of the Internet and websites is probably the same as yours. Searching for information, buying books off Amazon, looking up holiday information, using email and the like. But building my own website - certainly not.

Hi, I'm Martin Woolnough and this my first website. I always wanted to write, a least for many years now. Had a false start about ten years ago now. But got some words on paper but it did not amount to very much. But about a year ago now I started writing in earnest, with the intention of selling some e-books (electronic books).

I started writing in notebooks, a6 or a7 size, that I could carry round in my pocket. In the next six months or so I filled a total of 25 or so. I typed these up in MS Word, making about 300 pages of various, varied, off the cuff, ideas, thoughts and book ideas. A general mish mash, that I wondered what I would be able to do with or use. A book seemed best, but what and how?

I started thinking about a website. I thought that would be a good vehicle to develop a presence and offer a chance to let people see what I had to say. I've always wanted to help people. As I've felt I've been dealt a good 'set of cards', I wanted to share with others what life had shown me, taught me over the years of my life - 56 in May this year.

I started looking and on the Internet. Often such a vast tool of information, though finding exactly what you want is often a long and frustrating task. I looked at local web designers and find out more about e-commerce.

I knew enough for net surfing that in order for any website to really be of use, unless for fun or just the family to eg share pictures of grandchildren, that every website flourished or not on the numbers of people who found it and clicked through the pages - traffic as those in the know call it - finding something of use while so doing.

So I looked further and, one Friday pm (I think it was) in June 2008 I found a pdf that looked interesting. I had already subscribed to this and that, and bought this and that (for not too much money) that might be or seemed relevant to my future as an website owner and writer.

But this FREE book caught my eye - Make Your Knowledge Sell - it was called. It was free and I downloaded it.

Other free electronic books that are well worth a read:

Make Your Content PREsell!

Make Your Words Sell!

Make Your Site SELL! 2002

As I started reading, the content made a lot of sense. Build a good content website that people liked. Add more and more content to get people to return. Selling them on your niche, your idea by offering to help them in one way or another. And only then, once well established, and with lots of regular 'traffic, only then think about converting the interest into money. Barter your time, interest, expertise, information for money - but only as the endgame of the operation. Not as so many people do, try to get people to buy from you from the off. From your home page. And when they don't know you from Adam. And you've not had the chance to make an impression, for them to build up some sort of trust in you and what you are offering.

I liked what I read and looked for their web page. I started reading and spent a couple of hours there, all in all. This was my introduction to Solo Build It! - and I can say it has changed my life.

Those next few hours - and it was probably more than two - went by. And the more I searched the more I liked what I saw. And I started to think maybe, just maybe I could do what these other people had done. Ordinary people, like you and I, without previous experience had built their own websites, sharing their passion with others, helping others, and, if they so wished, making a living from it.

Wow I thought. I have landed on my feet here. My dreams could become reality - with the required work. But the means was here for me to use.

And why build any old website - the results were there to show that if you followed in the footsteps of others you could achieve far more than you ever thought possible. A really successful website. You could build your very own website.

And, what was more, the people who had already benefited from SBI! were willing to share their stories, their expertise to help me, HELP YOU, do the same. This was right up my street. People helping one another in action.

As I read I started to feel at home. The web pages were coming alive. The words were dancing in front of me. There was talk about finding what you really like and doing that. Doing that in a way that could help not only you but others at the same time. Finding my passion. Finding YOUR PASSION. The words and experiences were there on the screen for me - AND they can be on your screen too.

The pages were saying that something magical could happen. From small beginnings something could flower with our help - with YOUR HELP. That the magic was not really magic because it worked if you worked it. Rather than try to beat the Internet system yourself, the SBI system could help you move to the top of the class. Put the work in and the magic could work for me, it said. And I know 'the magic' could work for YOU, too.

And then a new dimension appeared. A videotour put things into perspective - explained how the whole website building process worked. This will illustrate the sheer power of the SBI process.

But added to that, if that might seem to much, there was a quick tour, too. This quick tour showed in a short 30 minutes how me how I could make a success of this. If you don't have the time right now I suggest you bookmark this page to view this soon. It could be the best (and most important) 30 minutes you've spent in a long while. Don't miss this!

I had these dreams of writing and getting published but how to go about it. I'm sure you have your own dreams. Perhaps they are new, perhaps you've had them for some time. They are probably like mine - simmering under the surface. Waiting. Waiting for something to happen. You (we) were hoping something would happen. Something what would help jump-start your progress to your dream. For me this was SBI! and I know it could do the same for you.

I asked about them building the site for me (didn't think I had the time) and they answered my questions promptly. But suggested that I should have a go myself, and then ask again if it was still relevant. Questions are important and if you have any doubts or wish to speak to someone or get some honest and real reaction to your questions don't miss this chance. I'm glad I satisfied my curiosity and am sure you could do the same.

So on July 5, 2008 I signed up. And now just over 4 months later my site is up and running with nearly 50 pages and the traffic is starting to come along, more and more each day. And how does this all work. SBI! is based on the CTPM process. This works - I can see this for myself now. And it can work for YOU, too. Find out more about how SBI! websites use this CTPM process - it is so simple and could change your life.

I'm glad that I've learned to build the site myself. So much have I learned. I was computer literate and a (fairly expert) user at work. This gave me the confidence to experiment with things but the SBI way is feasible and more than possible for anyone with any background both work wise and IT wise. No previous experience is an often bandied about term, but correct in relation to SBI.

And how was I able to do this - the SBI! action guide. The action guide, either in hard copy or video format is an amazingly helpful, well written and user friendly guide to building a web site. Step by step you can go through the material - that many, many other people have gone through before you - and build your site. The action guide is so helpful and readable. See the video guide here.

I was 56 last May and looking to retiring my hospital job in the next two and a half years. Working from home has always appealed but my laboratory qualifications have never allowed this to happen. You may be in the same position. Would like to be self-employed but don't quite know how you would manage it. But with SBI! you could - find out more here.

And the pace of action is down to you. For me, I have dropped several things - rather put them on ice - to build my site and my net presence. So I have put in some long hours. But the beauty of this is that whatever the amount of time you have the site will grow and your dream will come true - just less hours will take longer, more hours will be quicker. And there are the case studies to prove it. And the testimonials of those who have enjoyed and succeeded with the help of SBI!

And what exactly does SBI! offer. The works really. So well thought out and put together that building your site (and business - if you so wish) is the part you have to play. You have to provide the get up and go, the dream, the knowledge of the area YOU choose. Put some effort in and the site will grow.

SBI! provide the rest. SBI! has the results to prove it - lots and lots and lots of websites who have succeeded on the Internet - YOURS could be next. And you can compare what SBI! has to offer with the competition - with Yahoo! Web Hosting Pro, Verisign Web Business Expert and Microsoft bCentral Professional. The difference is striking.

And the tools SBI! provide - SBI! is actually a "process" with a massive set of tools that leads to a successful online business. It's pretty amazing when you see them all in one place.

And you can put your website to the traffic test.

And then there are the SBI! Forums. And in the forums, help others and you will be helped. Pay it forward as they say. What great philosophy - but in a practical way. For the good of all. Get expert answers from those who know - i.e. those who have done this before us, not from those who have read the answer in a book and are telling us a theoretical reply. No, from ordinary people who have blazed their own trail.

Its great. It's fantastic. Straightforward but not easy. No get rich quick scheme, but if you stick at it and put the effort in, you can see over time what can be built. Put your own time and see your very own dream come true.

For me, I have learned so much, been assisted so much, and continue to learn and grow as my website does the same. A real adventure.

I do hope that, if you find SBI! at all interesting, that you investigate it before dismissing it. I have not been disappointed, very much the opposite, and I am sure that you will find the same.

I feel very fortunate that I have been able to build my own website. I've been able to find my passion and and now am working towards fulfilling my dreams and goals. I am equally sure that with your passion, you could fulfill your dreams and build your own website, and make a real difference in your life - if you choose to do so. I know you could build your very own website.

Whether you do or whether you don't, or if you don't start right away, may I wish you all the very best in all your ventures and adventures in life.

Martin Woolnough

PS I hope to see you here again at my website soon

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