To Feel Pity Should Precipitate Us To Act

Do you ever get consumed with pity? Does this take over and leave you in a weakened, depressed and inactive? Feeling sorry for oneself.

When we are low already a further depressive experience of feeling can tip us over the edge. Look at me, how I need help and assistance - to the exclusion of everyone else. I need it more.

Not a pleasant state to be in. But what might be the cause?

  • Is distress a central theme of your life?
  • Do you find sadness a more usual companion than joy?
  • Do you dwell on the past and what might have been?
  • Are you over consumed with yourself?
  • Do you feel that misfortune singles you out?
  • Are you ashamed of yourself?
  • Has chance dealt you a bad hand?
  • Do you feel above others and pity them?
  • Is it our place to pardon others?
  • How do you feel about yourself?
  • Do things start to change from home, from within ourselves?
  • Do you see the positive in the negative?
  • Can you not show yourself compassion?
  • Show a little kindness to another

But it is not always about us, is it. We should then try to understand how the other person is thinking or feeling. Can we not be more charitable? Be more lenient and forgiving of others.

Don't always think that you are the center of everything. Give a little of ourselves. Feel that we can offer a helping hand.

If we are not immediately met with open arms, let the other person know that you are there for them.

Who after all wants to be pitied? Loved, yes. Admired, yes. Respected, yes. But seen as pitiful - not really on anyone's radar is it?

Some things to remember:

  • No one is perfect
  • we have to live together
  • we have to live with ourselves
  • we have to live
  • we want to enjoy our life
  • we want to be respected and treated with dignity

All best,

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