Let The Enjoyment Of Happiness Be Your Strength And Support

We all want to feel happiness in our life, don't we? Why is it missing? Do we understand what it is? What gives us peace and joy?

What are the pleasures in our life? There are many, are there not? Both big and small. Lasting and transitory. Heart felt and seemingly meaningless.

Pleasures and satisfaction can come in many shapes and sizes. And some are tailored just for us. At times we need to give ourselves the chance, the opportunity to experience them. To bathe in them. To gain strength and succor from them.

They can bring real joy and contentment into our life - and at any time. They have their part to play.

In this 21st Century life there are enough pressures and stresses to keep us all busy. But if we change our focus. If we look deeper we can find things that can gladden our heart, that can smooth out many a rankle. That can help support the life we lead. That can show that we are blessed - even if we don't always see or feel it.

Do we have simple pleasures? Do they really touch us? For sure. But we must be open to the possibility. We must be aware enough to see their action.

Often the touch of life is faint. It does not try to grab us, to change our focus or direction. It is as if life wishes to say - yes I am here, but only in your own time. Let us all be able to stop ourselves, every once in a while, and 'smell the roses', see the beauty of life. See what life has to offer - be it a puppy in the street, a newborn baby, the sun setting, wispy clouds in the sky - whatever.

Let those moments of happiness touch our hearts. Remember them.

But even here we can be lost if we are not too careful. We can either try to grab onto these moments and not want to let go. Or we can try to reproduce them when time and circumstance has moved on.

What we need to do is to be able to live in the moment. The here and now and be able to accept what gifts and sights, feelings and experience, that life has in store for us - but right now. Not even five minutes ago, but right now.

If we can do that once, we can do it again. And we will have really learned something in life.

What gives us delight? The smile and look of a baby? The xxx or xxx. We can fill in the missing pieces here ourselves.

And there are some questions we may need to ask ourselves:

  • Where do we experience joy?
  • Do we extend good cheer and encouragement to others?
  • What gives us satisfaction?
  • Is enjoyment always a good thing? What about those who do not have it?
  • Can we be over exuberant?
  • Is contentment strong in our life, or over rated? Or under rated?
  • Do we see and appreciate beauty in our life?
  • Do we reward ourselves? Do we accept ourselves?
  • Is there humor and merriment in our life?
  • Is our life closed off to joy and happiness? Or is it ever present?
  • There is much in life to be happy about. To experience joy and satisfaction. But the real experience is right at home in our own backyard.
  • Are you glad to be you?
  • Do you feel blessed?
  • Are you comfortable in your own skin?
  • Do you accept and appreciate yourself?

Find answers for these (sort of) questions and you will be able to experience happiness in your own life, and understand where it might come from.

If life is not about finding joy and satisfaction, contentment and peace, in ourselves, by ourselves, then what is it all really about?

Time spent fathoming out these questions and others in life will be time well spent. And the rewards of life will come flooding your way.

Give it a real shot - you will not regret it.

All best,

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