Remove The Possessive And Protective Aspects Of Jealousy To Be Able To Move On

Does jealousy have a part to play in your life? Is it positive and good or negative and destructive?

Being suspicious and suspecting people and situations can really spoil our day, our lives. It can so easily take us off into tangential directions and far away from the main highways of life.

Being guarded and protective is one thing, but being doubtful and skeptical all the time is counter productive. When we don't believe in life and what we are doing to that extent we are really in a bit of trouble.

What we really don't believe in is ourselves. And this is not a good state to cultivate or be in. After all what else do we really have apart from ourselves. We may have many possessions but will they really help, apart from being slight diversions now and again, and easing elements of our lives.

But the real easing in life comes from accepting yourself and believing in yourself. This really does bring great gains and rewards. May not sound too much. May not sound too appealing when set against the bright lights of life and particularly the things and position that other people seem to have, but . . .

Just one thing, we are jealous of another - for whatever reason - do they know, do they care, do they feel what we are going through? Can they help us? Maybe. But the chances are not - it is our problem and not theirs.

Jealousy is an issue that can hit us hard. Can leave us prey to other vulnerabilities. Can leave us in a sad state, questioning and uncertain, doubtful and frightened. Afraid we may lose the source of our problem - if it were ever ours in the first place.

Some other aspects we might need to consider:

  • Does it spur you on or close you down to a barrage of emotions?
  • Are you suspicious by nature?
  • Do you easily trust other people?
  • Why would you want to mistrust people?
  • Do you feel possessive of things, of people?
  • Are you full of doubts?
  • Are you spiteful by nature?
  • Do you resent the happiness or success of others?
  • Are you wary of other people and situations?
  • Are you over protective?
  • Does envy take over your life?
  • Do you find yourself intolerant of others?
  • Do you feel others invade your space?

What is the answer then to this problem.

First of all we have to see it as a problem, and a solvable one. We have to see through the heartache and see that life was fine before, and can be fine again.

We need to answer the following questions:

  • Are you positive and uplifting or distrusting and watchful?
  • How do you really feel about yourself?
  • How is your self esteem and self image?
  • Do you accept yourself and respect yourself?
  • Are you satisfied with your lot?

Jealousy is a strange one. It can take us over in an irrational way. It can make life hell for us. And yet, through all of this, we can overcome it and move on - but it does take effort and commitment and a belief in life without this experience.

Once gone, we can experience relief and that we have been healed. Yet no one may know of our pain but ourselves. And often the person involved - if that is the root cause - can be none the wiser.

Jealousy can hit us and hurt us in that way. But valuable lessons can be learned, and we can view that aspect positively.

All best,

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