Let Concern In Life Reveal The Caring Side Of Your Personality

What is there in life to concern you? What worries you or stops you in your tracks? Does anything cause you distress or put you off your path or task?

From time to time we can all feel anxious or fearful. Anxiety is only natural. Often it is because we have lost control of our time, our day. Looking at what we do and seeing things in a new light can help to alleviate any worries.

Where does worry come from? Wanting to do our best. Being in control of ourselves, our life. Being challenged. Being put on the spot.

If we look after ourselves and care for ourselves this is a good start to stopping the concern and worry that life can seem to throw our way. We need to develop our confidence. We need to be motivated. We need to accept ourselves. We need to be aware of our life more. We need to be comfortable in our own skin.

Any lack or deficiency in any of these areas will be highlighted when we act in the big wide world. Either others will see it or we will be aware of our vulnerability. Taking time out to see where we are at will help to see the wood for the trees. We need to start to appreciate ourselves more. That we are capable. True, not at everything, but that we do have things to offer. We are a valuable individual in our own right and should remember that when we next hit our world.

Is it that our affairs, our issues in life are important to us (and others). Giving or ourselves, getting emotionally involved will put us on the line. We will be saying that we can do this thing, and then having to pull it off.

When we have a vested interest we should give of our best. This should bring out a little more in us than the sometimes dull and repetitive routine we often have to tackle. Don't be afraid to give a little of yourself, will life have much meaning otherwise? Move forward confidently and you will find a way to bring home your prize or reach your goal.

Perhaps it is more that we just care. Caring may seem alien these days but the need for it continues (and will do so). Showing that you care is not a negative. It is showing and promoting a good side of life. And you will be (sometimes quietly) respected for it.

These concerns can manifest in work, rest and play. Any time, any place. At times it seems that life is out to get us. Other times we wonder why we are in the firing line. Why us?

Don't think that we are the only one, that would be silly. We all meet hurdles and obstacles in life. How we tackle them helps to make our day, as well as can help define the type of person we are.

How would you like to be seen by the people that know you? One who gives in at the first thought or hint of difficulty, or one that can be relied upon to be determined, to put the effort in and to help others?

We can be concerned when we are alone or when we are in the midst of others. Our situation may not be much different in either case. What we feel is internalized anyway, so can be independent of outside circumstance. Put your best foot forward. We cannot achieve everything, but that should not stop us from giving things a good try.

What is really important? What should really concern us? We can worry about the least little thing. But this can be a waste of nervous energy. We should at least lose sleep, if we must, over something that really matters.

Do we really sweat on the small stuff? Much time and energy is lost in the pursuit of irrelevances. We need to learn to focus, prioritize, and find out what is important. Start there. The smaller stuff often takes care of itself anyway, but we can attend to that - later.

What does bother or disturb us. Each to his own. What is excitement to one, is disturbing to another. Share notes by all means but you carry your own burdens in life. While it is good to share them and seek help and support, we need to tackle them ourselves. They are ours but we can overcome.

Do we try to cover up our worries and anxieties, and hide them away? Is that really the best course of action? At times things get all too much, but hidden away things can fester and grow. They can take a life of their own and come back to haunt later. Best to only put things aside for a short time and attend to them in a timely manner. Don't let them grab hold of you and not want to let go.

Other circumstances we may need to consider and attend to:

  • Do we have time on our hands to think and lose ourselves in the difficulties of life?
  • What are the affects of our concerns, on our world, on our well-being, on our loved ones?
  • Should we overcome obstacles or just displace them? Will they come back to haunt us?
  • Do we need outside interests to remove us from internal strife?
  • Does life really touch us and move us.
  • What are our responsibilities in life?

Worries and concerns are all around. There are plenty to go round! Make sure that you attend to yours in a timely fashion - and believe you can.

Life will never be free of worries but we can put them into perspective, into their (little) place in our lives, in our days.

All best,

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