Self esteem - a key to enjoyment, happiness and well-being in life.

With self esteem comes the confidence to enjoy life to the full. This helps you to respect yourself and others. It enables you to be happy and be able to lead a better life.

Self esteem is essential to enjoy a fulfilling life. Develop or enhance your self respect. You will improve your experience of life, while having a healthier self concept. Be happy with who you are. Should you suffer from self consciousness, and who of us does not from time to time (you can admit it, you know), then raising and/or building on your esteem will help yourself in numerous ways.

So what is the definition of self-esteem? Can we define it?
In simple terms esteem means:
  • To have a good opinion of yourself
  • self esteem - like yourself as you are
  • To feel you are a good and worthwhile person
  • To like yourself as you are
  • To accept yourself the way you are
  • To have a healthy self respect, while also respecting others
  • To take an active part in the life you have
  • To look to improving your lot in life and making a contribution to the common good

So what can I experience?
  • You recognize and celebrate your successes and achievements
  • You value and utilize your strengths
  • You may have doubts and don't know all the answers
  • You don't put your self down - in action or word
  • If you make a mistake you're happy to forgive yourself
  • You are humble without being self effacing
  • You don't judge yourself too harshly
  • You don't beat yourself up for your weaknesses
  • You are happy setting yourself targets and goals, and value any feedback
  • You have developed a good balance between different parts of your life

What questions might you have?

What can you find here? What's in it for you?

We will be looking at self-esteem and its role in life. We will look at the points raised by the questions in the last section. We will provide some answers and some background to these important issues. In simple terms, we will be looking at how to get the most out of your life.

A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval. Mark Twain

Feel free to check out the following pages in your quest in understanding self esteem and the part it has to play in your life.
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Low self esteem - let's understand it better - it can affect our lives.
High self esteem - is it the real you?
Effects low esteem - learn more
Developing self-esteem - what can you do?
Self-esteem quotes page
Self respect is one of our rights in life
Self respect quotes page - let them help you see yourself in a new light
Self concept - how we think about our self
Self perception - what do we think about ourselves - explore and discover

To have a life with good self esteem
can come alive and not be a dream
respect and accept yourself is what you must do
then life enjoyable, productive, and can feel fresh and new

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"Respect yourself if you would have others respect you."

Baltasar Gracian











"If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves. "

Thomas Alva Edison











What is more important than self esteem?

make your life real and in no way a dream

then you can have satisfaction and be productive

deal with life right and it can be quite instructive










"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are."

Marilyn Monroe