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Personal growth is happening all the time in our lives. It is something that we cannot really stop nor do without. When we consciously get in on the action our knowledge and understanding of life can rocket ahead. Put in the effort and you can really become more in life. Why not start right away?

If we make a goal of growing then our whole life benefits and our self worth is boosted. Our self confidence soars and we are motivated to greater effort to achieve our dreams and goals. This is a circle we definitely want to get into!

Sure, there will be barriers to growth. We have personal hangups and limitations. But we also have talents and skills just waiting to be exploited. Try to make a point each day to move on in life and become the person that you are capable of. With effort you may well surprise yourself!

So, what does personal-growth mean?

  • Finding out and realizing what is important to you - and that this includes your personal growth
  • Realizing your strengths and potential in life
  • Recognizing weaknesses but not hiding from them
  • personal growth - become a better you
  • Working towards having a balance in life
  • Overcoming barriers to find enhanced enjoyment and happiness
  • Feeling that you are really contributing to life
  • Allowing your increased self confidence and self esteem to open new doors in your life
  • Becoming a better you
  • Giving and contributing more in your life
  • Taking on the challenge of fulfilling your potential
  • Finding that personal growth and development has a place in your life
So, what is self worth?

  • Accepting yourself as you are
  • Being happy to strive for a better you
  • Taking obstacles and hurdles in life as challenges
  • Living a positive, wholesome life contributing to the world around you
  • Feeling good about yourself and what you are doing in life
  • Feeling happier in your own skin

What benefits might you feel for the effort put in and what barriers to personal growth might you meet?
  • Feeling happier in your life
  • Feeling that you could realize your potential
  • Have an improved self image
  • Live with greater self confidence and motivation
  • Get inspired, setting goals and achieving more
  • Utilizing your talents to do the things you love
  • Understanding your values in life to make a real contribution

What questions might you have?

What can you find here? What's in it for you?

We will be looking at how personal-growth and increased self worth can have such an impact on our lives. We will look at the points raised by the questions in the last section. We will provide some answers and some background to these important issues. We will see how this will help maintain a healthy self esteem and thereby help you get the most out of your life.

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered. Nelson Mandela

Feel free to check out the following pages in your quest in understanding personal growth and self worth and the part they have to play in your life.

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Personal growth, self development are things that tend
to help us through life and to blend
improvements together to enhance our self worth
if done sincerely with effort, can feel like a rebirth

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"A person's worth in this world is estimated according to the value they put on themselves. "

Jean de la Bruyere











"If eyes were made for seeing, then beauty is its own excuse for living. "

Ralph Waldo Emerson











"'Tisn't life that matters! 'Tis the courage you bring to it."

Sir Hugh Walpole











"Enough shovels of earth - a mountain. Enough pails of water - a river. "

Chinese proverb











"Nothing is unthinkable, nothing impossible to the balanced person, provided it arises out of the needs of life and is dedicated to life's further developments. "

Lewis Mumford











"All things are possible until they are proved impossible - and even the impossible may only be so, as of now. "

Pearl S. Buck