If We Are Aimless We Have A Life Without Meaning

Have some direction in life

What did being aimless ever unlock for us? Moving around in life to no purpose or meaning.

To live a purposeless existence must near hell on earth. It does not satisfy our thirst for life, our hunger for experience, our search for knowledge and wisdom.

Living life randomly just seeing what will happen, may seem like an exciting and thrilling existence but is it really. To live without point in a frivolous way may just amount to being a waste of our time, our precious life blood.

We may like to take a chance every now and again, but all the time. What security and satisfaction is there to be had from such a goalless and haphazard manner in which to live your life?

To stray from one thing to another with no thought or care does not sound to me like a very exciting, caring or enjoyable thing to do.

Being directionless is not something that should really captivate us and excite us and enthuse us with energy and motivation.

To be purposeless is to live without point, goals, targets . . . And what does this really mean for us?

To live a life with little point. To endure our path and journey but have no awareness of what is happening to us, our growth and development, is a cruel waste.

We should be trying to find meaning and purpose in life. For our actions, for our thoughts, for our deeds.

And then to become the person only we can become. And be proud of that.

All best,

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