Anger Can Show A Different Side Of Us - Don't Let It Get The Better Of You

Anger is one of those things that happens. We sometimes want it, will it. Other times it just wells up naturally and we seem to have to go along with the flow of it. I just feel outrage. Caught in its maelstrom. When it may take us this way or that.

The force can surprise us at times. How we feel about a certain thing, another person, or ourselves. Can catch us unawares and by surprise - the depth of feeling and angst that seems to come through.

Are we in charge of our anger or does it have a will and mind of its own? Hard to tell at times, isn't it?

Are we the conductor or is the orchestra of annoyance, anger and ill feeling all too much for our sensibiliities? What can be done about this situation? If anything.

Perhaps we should try to step back and reassess. Not always easy in the heat of the moment, and heat can be the operative word.

Perhaps we need a little distraction. That can come from outside of us or from within, when a little thought goes by to question whether we are dealing with this situation in a fair and reasonable way.

We need to take those moments on trust, that life is subtley telling us something and we should take heed - perhaps for our own good.

We can be angry at ourselves as well as others. Here we need be careful not to take things out on others, innocent parties.

Equally we need be careful not to internalize our thoughts and emotions, our anger. They can eat us from the inside out. Don't give them this power or chance.

A friendly shoulder, an arbitrator or go-between can work wonders at times. We just need remember that we need to play (and be serious about it)that role at times for our friends and loved ones. And give something back when the need or necessity arises.

The power of words . . .

Words can be healing, soothing, comforting, relaxing . . .

I hope this anger page will do this and more. I hope these examples will help to express life in an insightful, penetrating but easy to read manner. And help us to question the lives we lead and the manner in which we live them.

I will not let anger get the better of me
It confines me, won't make me free
what do I need do to minimize its influence
avoid the fight, keep to myself, hold no grievance

Neither against friend or foe
whatever the situation not bestow
energy and effort in an angry way
thereby fuelling the fire and give sway

To the passage and interaction of the negative
be mindful of repercussion and be happy to forgive
another's transgressions big or small
is it worth the aggro or my downfall

Into an agitated and outraged state
and the retaliation to await
for surely this will inevitably come
get someone's back up and be irksome

When all along I should be fair and true
turning the other cheek can work for me and you
if we are comfortable in our own skin
we will be happy, content, with our life within

And not feel the need to take another on
in a fight no one wins with brain or brawn
and we would much rather work things out
a quiet word here and n'er a shout

For that only seems to make a bad thing worse
and the particpants suffer from the curse
of having to retract their words or their ways
a friendly word and gesture all this far outweighs

And helps to put us on an even course
our value system and principles we can endorse
and live by them and remain honorable and loyal
to life, ourselves, friend, loved one and all

I will keep my temper under control
I hate the feeling and the role
that this manages to take me over
of anger, annoyance, irritation I become a captor

I resent the implication

I promise this small thing
I will see through this action
though it seems so disarming
I will not step into this cauldron

I will not let this give me a beating

You are so irritating
why is that of myself I ask
why on me are you so grating
is it me in you I see is the real task

that I must come to terms with this baiting
why is it this by which I mask
the cause of my trepidation so bruising
is this really too much for me to unmask

Oh boy, is this annoying
and why are you adding

to the pressure by airing
such views affecting my being
at home with me, why so bleating
are your words, they are so goading

me into a corner I am near to breaking
off from friendly interaction and am bristling
at this attack I see you making
on me and mine why so carping

what have I done to you but caring
do I not understand the way you are feeling
have I missed the point and am reeling
from the pressure you mount so chiding

of my deeds and thoughts and my way
when all I want is peace with you today

Why do you provoke me so
what have I done to you
to treat me so
when - I love you

What have I done to offend you
I know not when
can I make a breakthrough
now please, if not then . . .

I could do without the hassle
you seem to want to cause me
it is annoying and truly awful
do you think so little of me
I may not be entirely blameful
have you thought that of you and me

Why do you get my back up
do I really need this checkup
this just feels like a pileup
of differing feelings - how can I shake this up

All best,

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