Let Prose Help Bring Awareness To The Forefront Of Your Consciousness

Of all things, awareness of self and the life within is one of the most powerful, important and life enhancing experiences known to a human being. But how do we gain this gem amidst the 21st Century life we lead? But how? At times we do question what we are, and ponder and wonder. We think and are thoughtful about our lot in life. What we are doing. What we are involved in. What direction our life is going in. What we appreciate and experience . . .

The power of words . . .

As we read we can let the words gently flow over us. We can let the words quietly be spoken to us in there own sweet way. We can let ourselves open to the thoughts and their meanings, the ideas and their origin, the phrases and the understandings that they have ready for us. Ready for us to assimilate and take on board. If we let them filter through and allow the words their power to move and rejuvenate. If we let ourselves be uplifted and filled with their sometimes hidden insights. Too gently and slowly to impact on our lives as we read - and in the future when we recall their meaning for us.

I hope this page will do this and more. I hope this example will help to express life in an insightful, penetrating but easy to read manner. And help us to question the lives we lead and the manner in which we live them.

What of all things should be really treasured?
Honesty, integrity, honor, should all be appreciated and not squandered
but a prize among many has its own mark of greatness
and what is this but a good, solid, dependable amount of self-awareness.

For being aware of ourselves is an experience beyond price
for of all things we can recommend this would be our advice
to look no further than within one's own sphere
being aware, an understanding, this knowledge we should hold dear

And close to our hearts in our busy world
is the gem of realization and recognition, but likely buried
but not so deep that we may not become of it aware
its wonders, grace and joy may at first make us stare

In recognition and wonder that of all things it is there
right within us, so close but an experience beyond compare
it nurtures and comforts us and holds us most dear
it is us, we are it and all becomes clear

That this life is precious beyond any prize
that we can imagine, see around us or devise
awareness of self is its own reward
out in the world, no - to be found in our backyard

And this understanding will hold us in good stead
morning, noon and evening as we go off to bed
happy in the knowledge that we know something so real
strong, supportive, our backbone, our life but not at all brittle

Indeed well oiled and natural is this experience
this recognition, this acceptance, brings life into true balance
and gives our live real purpose and subtle meaning
acknowledgment and testament to this demands a good airing

And shouting from steeple, tower and hilltop
we should be happy this awareness need never in us stop
but rather blossom and grow as we develop with it
an admission without assumption is something we should credit

Life with this ability to hold us in its cool embrace
keeping the hot sun and raw winds of life from our face
as we look to the heavens and give thanks for our good fortune
to be so honored, so treasured by life is enough to brighten

Our present and future in equal amount
how it does it we need not worry nor account
for its continual presence in us each and every day
let us pray to our god that there it will stay

For the present and the foreseeable bit of our future
it will exist in us and be our constant anchor
in this changeable world with its fluctuating eddies
we need only sit back and relax and realize this is no tease

But for real and for ever for us it will remain
a transformation and conversion for us it may contain
as we live our life and contribute we can appreciate the graciousness
of this part of life, beyond price, which we know as our self-awareness.

All best,

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