Being Candid Can Be Good - If Backed Up With Thought, Sincerity And Humility

Be open and honest

'To be candid, you should have not done that. You should have done this.'

An expression often used. We are trying to help another. Sometimes it is taken at face value, perhaps depending on how well we know them.

Being blunt, being sincere and outspoken is one thing but it does need to be warranted and acceptable. Scoring points does not really benefit anyone. Trying to guide or assist another can be helpful.

Sometimes it is requested of us, other times we say things, they slip off the tongue. We mean no harm but damage they can do - even if you are being honest and forthright.

So is there a place for it? Sure why not. We should not be so arrogant as to think that we can do no wrong or not be misguided. Neither should we unwilling to listen to a friend or trusted colleague who is trying to point out something to us.

Some people do beat about the bush, do not come out with what they want to say. They lose impact in watering down the message that they are trying to impart.

Being more straightforward, fair but use plain unequivocal language.

This is why I disllike some books. They use big words when small will do. They seem to blast you with science when simple one to one language would seem to get the job done and better - and more understandable.

Tough love. Maybe. But being honest and open with another human being - which is what being candid can be - is that not a small service which we can all participate in from time to time.

Let us get off our high horses and communicate. Share. Learn from each other.

And move our lives forward.

All best,

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