Cautious Lives To Fight Another Day

Take your time but get round to doing something

Being cautious wins the day.

Well it can do that. Is there any need to jump in and put it all on the line - without some thought and proper prior planning?

At times we would do well to be guarded. Other times we need to lower or even dismantle our guard and our defences.

We would do well to be alert to new possibilities and opportunities or to changes in events or danger. Foolish is (s)he who never is aware of their situation or what goes on around them.

Be wary of things that seem to be too good to be true - they invariably are. Sometimes we need to be prudent. Hold back, not display our whole hand.

Being circumspect may be opportune but may not win many friends. Equally being judicious or cagey will make others feel that we are holding back and not being sincere or completely honest with them.

Every so often we may need to change our stance. We can be discreet and tentative but when we have to we should be able to throw caution to the winds.

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