Cheerful Is The Person Who Raises The Atmosphere Wherever They Go

Let life enthuse you

Cheerful is as does or so they say.

Being happy and bright is always pleasant and shows a happy, content demeanor and appreciation of life.

Being contented is just that. A nice comfortable feeling.

Glad to be the person you are with the things you do. The people you know and the contribution you make.

We can all have our spirits raised by the presence of an optimistic person. Someone looking on the bright side of life. Realistic but bright, practical and light. At times just what your inner being needs.

To be upbeat and enthusiastic helps any venture. Smoothing our the wrinkles and rough edges, easing the hard times, making the rewards and benefits arise that much more quickly (or so it seems).

To be sparkly and animated may be the exception but bridges many a gap of uncertainty and despondency.

Putting this all together shows what we can be. How we can feel. How life can be.

Let us strive to be light hearted and pleasant in all our dealings in life.

All best,

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