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Communication Quotes

What follows are various communication quotes to help lighten the mode but also to offer insight and encouragement.

There are many quotes on communicating and quotes about communicating available elsewhere. Here I hope these communication quotations help you in your quest to boost your communications and/or provide a few moments of wisdom and insight into life.

I hope you enjoy them and benefit from them.

Communication Quotations

Let thy speech be short, comprehending much in few words. Apocrypha, Ecclesiasticus 32:8

Humor is the first of the gifts to perish in a foreign tongue. Virginia Woolf

Promise is most given when the least is said. George Chapman

Men of few words are the best men. Shakespeare, Henry V

He never is alone that is accompanied with noble thoughts. Beaumont and Fletcher

The empty vessel giveth a greater sound than the full barrel. John Lyly

To ask the hard question is simple. W. H. Auden

Animals can be tamed, but not mouths. D.W. Winnicott

People don't talk to themselves nearly enough these days. No doubt they are afraid of finding out what they really think. Jean Giraudoux

Honor and shame is in talk: and the tongue of man is his fall. Bible, Apocrypha Ecclesiasticus 5:3

People say conversation is a lost art; how often I have wished it were. Edward R Murrow

Talk to people about themselves and they will listen for hours. Benjamin Disraeli

Be a good listener. Unlike your mouth, your ears will never get you in trouble. Frank Tyger

Isn't it strange that we talk least about the things we think about most? Charles A. Lindbergh

An empty stomach will not listen to anything. Spanish proverb

The noisiest drum has nothing in it but air. English proverb

From my notebooks :

The following are taken from my notebooks. They will I hope complement the quotations given above as well as reveal a little more about my life and my thinking about life.

Some are idle thoughts and comments on life and the life we lead. Others could one day be developed further into articles or reports. I feel that they are related to the 'communication quotes' theme.

Communication quotes - from my notebooks

Communicating one to another is a great skill and privilege - us it and treasure it.

Public speaking - use the butterflies.

When you talk mean what you say.

Listen with your full attention (at least as much as you want them to listen to you).

Talk from the heart and reveal a little of yourself.

Listen twice as much as you talk (you have two ears and only one mouth)

Put your brains, inspiration and ideas to good use.

Some people have the common touch. A gift? An ability to talk to, listen and engage with people, no matter the time of day or the circumstance. We can envy their gift and admire their application, and can hope to emulate their effort. Grasp a spark of their 'common touch'.

Talk through the problems or happenings of the day.

Thank you, well done!

Don't be afraid to be passionate about what you do. Communicate this to others and they will warm to you, whatever they feel about the focus of your passion. You will be sharing an intimate and important part of yourself with them. Perhaps a side of you they have not seen nor experienced before.

It is good to talk. To share. To communicate. We talk to others. We talk to ourselves. The latter happens/occurs all the time. Are we aware of it, of its occurrence? Is it an annoyance or are we blissfully unaware? Is it helpful? Oh for a bit of peace of mind, we sometimes think. For stillness up there. For thought to be under our control rather than liable to drift to the power of the four winds.

Do communicate! Don't be afraid. There is often so little communication between people and the world. What we do in the world is much the worse for this omission.

Get your teeth into things in your life - get involved.

Can you believe a word you say?

Listen as well as hear.

Know when to say no, enough is enough.

I hope you have enjoyed this 'communication quotes' page, and enjoy the rest of the website. Martin

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