Conceited Is The Person Who Is Full Of Themselves

Full of yourself?

Is being conceited to be recommended or not?

Are we trying to suggest that our self importance is so great, that it is a winner? Maybe with us, but what effect does it have on others, do you think?

To be vain. Forever concerned with appearances, or our own appearance. That is hardly like to engender us to the hearts of others.

To be arrogant takes things even further. We could be vain in front of our own mirror, but arrogance is somehow really in people's faces. Not invited and often not welcome either. But it is there, probing, boasting, posturing.

Getting cocky, trying to show off our superiority. To be puffed up with our own self importance. To be immodest, big-headed - sure to cause a stir. But make friends, probably not. Would it make you feel in a friendly mode?

To be too full of oneself, to be arrogant, can be all too much. Work it out of your system - and make it quick.

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