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We all like to be in control of our life and our affairs. To manage our life to feel in command is a great feeling. Not to dominate or administer but to handle and conduct our life in the way we wish enhances confidence and our motivation to live a good life. But if we lose that sense of being in charge we may question and ponder, think and reassess - what we do, who we are, our self mastery, ourselves. At times like these words can be very powerful - healing, soothing, comforting, relaxing . . .

The power of words . . .

As we read we can let the words gently flow over us. We can let the words quietly be spoken to us in there own sweet way. We can let ourselves open to the thoughts and their meanings, the ideas and their origin, the phrases and the understandings that they have ready for us. Ready for us to assimilate and take on board. If we let them filter through and allow the words their power to move and rejuvenate. If we let ourselves be uplifted and filled with their sometimes hidden insights. Too gently and slowly to impact on our lives as we read - and in the future when we recall their meaning for us.

I hope this page will do this and more. I hope this example will help to express life in an insightful, penetrating but easy to read manner. And help us to question the lives we lead and the manner in which we live them.

Who does not, we may ask, want to feel in control?
and if we don't it may well be one day our goal
to be in charge of your life each day to see
that life for us has no real boundary

But that is difficult I think you will agree
to master our life and to feel deeply
that the life we live has no real limits
how do we manage all of that without going nuts

For control over all is not really our task
whatever we are doing that really is a big ask
what we really want is to be happy and content
with our deeds, thoughts and action in check and no lament

Nor sorrow at how our life pans out each day
this way or that, whither it goes we care not nor say
for I am in charge and I feel in control in all things
are we after all human doings or really human beings?

Mastery we crave over our life and our dealings
guidance we may seek when we really need blessings
each day in what we do and for the way we do act
whether we sit back or not our life does enact

Before our very eyes much upon which we can ponder,
much enjoyment and experience and at times much to wonder
at why and the how things are happening to me
could I get everything done even if I had an army

Of suitable workers all looking like me
I might question the circumstances but would have to agree
that handling my life is important, very important to me
yet at times my conduct is questioned and I look a proper charlie

Yet this is not my normal everyday state
if I give myself time to think and cogitate
about my life in general and what is happening to me
am I in control or am I left prostrate

On the floor of my home I do find myself at times
sitting and pondering my life and missing mealtimes
for less important things are put into perspective by my thoughts
self mastery my aim if I manage to avoid tying myself in knots

Of my own making trying to keep everything in check
with discipline and foresight I'll avoid being a wreck
and found incapable of acting out my time for myself
if I get the wrong impression I find my eyes on the bookshelf

Where lies my notebook with notes written earlier
conclusions, digressions, tangents, oh boy I need a teacher
to show me the way to live and to keep some semblance of control
over my thoughts, deeds and actions so then I can extol

How much I have learned in my short time on Earth
share this experience or that unless given a wide berth
by the people who know me and are willing to give me time
a penny for my thoughts or are they just worth a dime.

I don't which to dominate that is far from my mind
all I wish to do is be in command of myself and appear a little refined
and allowed to administer to my own personal affairs
and to get enough sleep and rest lest I get the despairs

And cannot put together one thing with another to make anything
oversee or is it supervise myself and maintain my bearing
and power over my situation for all people to see
so that I can remain sane and not bark up the wrong tree

In the pursuit of control in my life for which I'd glady pay
with effort and willpower and keep any restrictions away
so that I can enjoy life and myself to the full
and share and contribute for worldly good but be mindful

That all is happy in my world when I am content and relaxed
enjoying life with satisfaction and my mind untaxed
by thoughts of loss of authority or is it command,
control of my life should really give me the upperhand

To ensure that my life is full and and I am doing things right
self development and growth are keys and I see the light
of understanding and feel blessed by life's rich whole
for I am happy with my conduct and feel well in control.

All best,

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