Cool Headed - You Remain In Control Even When The Heat Is On

Calm in a crisis?

We would all like to be cool headed. To be calm. To be a little detached from life, from our circumstances.

And not just during simple, smooth and calm times either.

We would like to be able to tackle challenges from a firm base. To be logical but practical and realistic at the same time.

To able to have clarity when all around are surrendering theirs. Giving up theirs to the burdens and the pressures of 21st Century life.

To have self control. Not to be controlling but to have self control. To be disciplined, self disciplined. These two qualities or attributes enable action that is focused, thought that is directed, deeds that are required and feeling that is attentive.

This all helps us to keep calm in a crisis. Do not take a crisis personally for seldom are they that way. That way stillness and calm are more easily attained and maintained.

We need to see through the troubles and the strife. It helps, therefore, if we are composed and maintain this throughout. This helps enable us to clearly think our way through our situation.

This will not necessarily be in a nerveless manner but we will keep the doubts and nerves at bay.

But at the same time we do need energy. We need to be focused. We need to have our wits about us. We need to make the effort to see the task or situation through and that will likely require a little resource from us.

Cool headed and warm hearted - what a combination that would be.

A nice way to be.

All best,

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