Demanding - May Get What You Want At The Expense Of Friendships

Do you test people's patience?

To be continually demanding is to isolate oneself from mainstream life.

As no one really likes someone who is forever difficult or trying. We may tolerate it but do not really like it.

Obviously if you are ill or be battling a serious disease the situation may be understandable - though you need think about the consequences even then - and one of the few exceptions to what is being said here.

When you only think of yourself and seldom consider the repercussions of your actions and the affect on others, how you think this makes people feel? And particularly those close to you.

To be taxing and wearing is just that. Hard work basically. Requiring time and effort and attention - when everyone has their own lives to lead.

To be exacting is exhausting in itself. To want things just right - to ones eye or opinion - is not going to endear us to others.

All in all, if you ask for too much, and too often, this is a challenge to one and all. Beware that you do not become over taxing - even for those who love and care for you.

All best,

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