Dependable Friends Are Great - Just Do Not Take Them For Granted

Can we rely upon you?

We all love dependable 'Jo(e)'. Someone you can rely upon to pull things through.

To be there for you. To help you if the need arises.

They are reliable. They are responsible. They will support you or the project you are working on - almost without asking.

You can have faith in them. They are solid and supportive. They have firm foundations within themselves.

They have energy, enthusiasm and the willingness to expend that for the good of others.

You can count on them. They are your friend. And they will help you.

But you should remember to play your part.

You must share and give, too. You must help and assist - and not expect them to do it all for you.

Equally take care. 'Jo(e)' has feelings. A human being like you they are.

Thanks and appreciation for what they do will go a long way.

Do not take them for granted.

They may not always be there - you will miss them.

All best,

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