Developing Self Esteem - Respect Yourself And Enjoy A Happier Life

Developing self esteem - what can you do? What ways are there to improve and build your esteem? These questions (and their answers) play such an important, even pivotal, role in our everyday lives. Improving your respect and esteem will boost and enhance your life.

After all in Latin the word esteem is derived from the word meaning estimate. When we receive encouragement it helps improve the way we feel about ourselves - and our esteem. Build a life for yourself and boost your self confidence and respect in so doing. Start today.

In the mind?

In part, developing self esteem is a state of mind. It can either fill you with good feelings, with happiness and confidence. Or it can make you feel bad.So how does one develop self belief and healthy self respect? Let us be clear, neither is actually about our self importance. Self importance is more about conceit, over confidence and egotism. These are the signs of unhealthy high esteem.

Positive esteem is the answer. You see yourself as just being like anyone else. You are good and capable, but neither worse nor better than anyone else. In boosting your self esteem you need to be fair to yourself. Learn from your mistakes. Judge yourself fairly. Learn to accept realities - your strengths and weaknesses, your achievements and failures. Approach things with a positive outlook. Build your esteem and it will impact on all realms of your life.

More fundamental

Realize that your self esteem is more basic, more fundamental than the mere whims of life, the everyday ups and downs. If you have healthy esteem things will affect you to a certain but limited extent. If you have poor self-esteem you will probably experience a roller coaster ride.

Raising esteem

You can raise your low self esteem through personal development. Accept that you are not alone. You are and feel like many other people. Start to believe that you are a special person. You are entitled to make mistakes. You are human and can learn from them. Others will respect you as you learn to respect yourself.

Inner voice

Let positive encouragement and external experiences help to fight off the negative feelings. A significant step is to tell your inner voice - and we all have one - to shut up. And you will need to do this on a regular basis.

Think of yourself as worthwhile

Nurture yourself. Start thinking of yourself as being a worthwhile person. Challenge your past negative experiences. Start to love yourself. Start changing your view of yourself and the world you see you in a different light.Seek and accept advice, encouragement and support from those close to you. This will help you as a unique individual. And help build your sense of self worth.

Small changes

Being aware of small changes is a way of overcoming. A way to improve your self esteem. Let yourself think that this building of your esteem is possible. Even if you cannot see yourself making such a big change - start seeing it as a possibility. You will then start to feel freer and be less hard on yourself.

With time and perseverance small steps will lead to small changes. Value those small changes - after all a big change is merely a lot of small changes added together. Open the door to a happier and healthier life by developing self esteem.

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