Being Discontented You Need To Review, Evaluate And Change Something In Your Life

Not feeling quite right

Being discontented is not a satisfactory state of affairs.

We feel unhappy with what is happening, what we are doing. We would like more. We want more. We are fed up and disgruntled with things.

And the answer - do something about it.

We need to tackle the cause, and before things get too bad.

Being contented is a great way to be, losing that is like losing a bit of ourselves, and perhaps we have.

Losing that feeling of being happy and comfortable with ourselves.

Becoming disgruntled is no real way to be. We need more than this. We need to find some peace and contentment within our life.

Being displeased, unhappy, miserable, out of sorts - or any such amalgam of uncertainty and displeasure - is no way for a human being to live and be.

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