Effects Low Esteem - Combat This By Developing Self Esteem And Respect

What are the effects low esteem?

Each person is different. In general, low or poor self esteem gets in the way of living a happy, enjoyable life. Poor self-esteem inhibits the feeling that we are in harmony with life. Developing esteem and greater self respect will help you in life. That life can be productive, if not abundant or prosperous. How can we develop from our poor self-esteem to a healthy level of respect and esteem?

A lot of feelings of effects low esteem arise as we grow up. Faulty beliefs, associations and values play their part. Mould us the way we are today. They leave us with poor esteem as a consequence.

Effects low esteem and perfection

We can feel that we and everything should be perfect - driven by our low esteem. Yet we get regular reminders that we are not. We need to reflect and consider whether we or others should be perfect. Is that life's grand design?

Perfection is unattainable - for all, not just us. Realize that we should seek a healthier excellence instead. This is a big step but it will have a marked effect on how we view ourselves, our poor self-esteem, and our life.

We need to focus, not on the negative effects low esteem, but focus on the positive. That is, not look at the perfect, what is not working for us. Change the emphasis. Start to look at what is working well. Ask - 'what went well today?' But also, what might be missing that would make tomorrow a good day, too. After all, we've all heard that we become what we think about most.

Be positive in what you ask of yourself. Not ask why, what is not working. Why you are thinking about effects of low esteem. Rather ask 'what can I do to improve things?' But it needs to be regular and consistent. In other words, create a good habit. Make a list of good positive affirmations and start today with them. Everyday with them.

Move onto using positive, empowering affirmations each time you have a lull in your day. With this habit you will be consistently aiding yourself on the path from your effects low esteem situation to a healthy self esteem.

Effects low esteem and a balanced life

We need to live a balanced life - consistent with our values, principles and beliefs. We need to honor ourselves. We need to follow our important (to us) life principles. Get started today. As you master this you will become more in tune with your life. Your confidence will grow. Your self image will strengthen. You sense of self worth will deepen. And you self-esteem will be boosted and grow each day.

How do you determine your talents and values? This requires self assessment and examination of both yourself and the life you live. And a commitment and discipline to utilize the knowledge you gain. Honor it and you. This can be challenging, but you will be finding out more about you and, though testing, that can be revealing, enjoyable and fun.

If looking at values seems a bit much, look at standards instead. The standards you have in place that knock or put you down. Don't try to be unrealistic in what you set yourself. The ones that hurt us are often those acquired, and maybe long ago. Standards, that are no longer relevant. They are probably about the things you wish to achieve. Examine why they are so important. Are you trying to prove something, and to whom?

A healthy self esteem

Poor or low esteem hold us back. A healthy self esteem enables us to cope with life. It enhances our life and allows us to do so much more. Developing and maintaining a healthy level of esteem, respecting ourselves, is one of the challenges of life. It is also gives us the gift of an enjoyable and fulfilling experience of life at the same time. The effects low esteem will be a thing of the past.

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