The Effects Of Guilt May Show In Your Lack Of Conscience And Needs Your Urgent Attention

The effects of guilt may include a presumption of guilt stemming from a lack of conscience. Guilt emotion can be used to teach us valuable lessons. Overcoming guilt is a part of being able to live a satisfying and productive life.

An awakening conscience shows us taking greater responsibility for our deeds and actions. From this comes respect of ourselves and the respect from others. It highlights to us the need in overcoming guilt for past actions or events.

Releasing guilt can be a slow process over time as we go through feelings of shame, regret, remorse, contrition or self condemnation. A guilty conscience often means self reproach is high on our agenda, as we deal with suggestions of blame, culpability and or responsbility.

Overcoming guilt

Guilt is real. There is nothing like it to stop progress and hinder success.

Overcoming guilt is a necessary thing in our lives. The effects of guilt can take their toll on us.

Self reproach has such a debilitating affect upon us. It hits us where it hurts as we become conscious of the depth and impact of our actions.

We condemn ourselves. Not believing in ourselves. Not thinking we are worthy. Not seeing ourselves in a good light.

Not respecting ourselves. Not accepting ourselves for who we are.

Presumption of guilt

And the effects of guilt and self condemnation
  • we may stay in bed all day
  • we may not act when we should
  • we may not be able to see what life has for us
  • we may not carry through with things even when they seem good and proper and right
  • we may well miss opportunities staring us in the face
  • we may reject the offers of help and assistance from those near and dear to us
we may just slumber, wallowing in our state of presumption of guilt, while our life is (or at least seems to be) burning around us.

Lack of conscience

Our lack of conscience can leave us blind. Because all we see
  • are the greys of storm clouds
  • the darkness and lack of light in our life
  • the hurdles and the obstacles that seem everywhere
  • our lack of faith in ourselves hangs heavy in the air
  • opportunities just seem further ways for us to be tortured
  • our conscience is dark and unwieldy
  • our mind is tantalizing and irreverent
our life seems in the doldrums with no possible escape.

  • we are not wicked just guilt ridden
  • we are not free from guilt, but are capable of correct action
  • we are not without a conscience, it is just a little wayward
  • we are not necessarily blameless but neither are we wholly responsible
  • we may not be responsible yet have our responsibilities
we are not blameless but our shame sits over us like a dark cloak.

Awakening conscience

What do we need to do? How can the awakening conscience (our conscience) play its part?
  • seek help and guidance
  • give ourselves some credit
  • do not beat ourselves up over the least little thing
  • do not repeatedly play back what has occurred
  • seek to communicate with the other parties
  • realize that bridges may well need to be rebuilt
  • accept our part and make amends
  • see what occurred for what is and accept our responsibilities
  • we need to see the future while taking responsibility for the past
  • know that this all takes time
  • releasing guilt is possible and we can do it
And resolve to learn lessons from the experience.

For all is seldom (if ever) lost. Chances of redemption in life occur all the time and will come our way if we just hang on in there.

Be yourself. Try. Put one foot in front of the other.

Do the best that you can and give the grace of life a little chance to come to your rescue . . .

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All best,

Martin W

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