Learn To Put Fear In Its Rightful Place In Your Life

Fear can grab you and shake you and get down into the roots of your being. Being afraid is not pleasant. Yet it is not always for no good reason.

Fears can be rational as well as irrational. Rational ones are our own safety mechanism. They help us not to be burnt in the fire, scolded by hot or boiling water, not to enter the lions den figuratively and in real life, too.

What we are afraid of is a very personal affair. Each person seems to have the same natural concerns. Being hurt, being injured, being killed.

We also have fears of exams, driving tests, interviews, public speaking, as well as heights, wild animals, spiders, insects - you name it.

Fear grabs us in different ways. Being afraid or frightened of something. Being uneasy and apprehensive about something or something that might occur.

So is this emotion within us the object of our cause of anxiety or agitation? Logically it must be within us, otherwise we would all be afraid of X or Y, when plainly we are not.

Some are natural and those we need, and need to heed. The unnatural ones we can fight, we can put up resistance, do them or overcome them, or at least come to terms with them, and gain confidence for next time.

Being afraid of fear itself is a different number for sure. How does one cope with that? Is it real or a figment of our imagination? Can it really hurt us? One of life's riddles that we all have to come to our own conclusion about.

So we can say that fear does have its place in life. It can keep us safe and sound. It can also be irksome and annoying and frustrating, seemingly keeping us from doing or appreciating things that we would really like to experience more of.

Meet these challenges and move on. Accept them for what they are and put them in their rightful place in life and move on. Sounds good, a good plan - takes effort and hard work and a lifetime to (attempt to) achieve.

The power of words . . .

Words can be healing, soothing, comforting, relaxing . . .

I hope this page will do this and more. I hope these examples will help to express life in an insightful, penetrating but easy to read manner. And help us to question the lives we lead and the manner in which we live them.

The sum of all my fears
I hate things when they end in tears
I want to live an easy life
free from dread, timidity and strife

For then I don't feel at home
in my skin and free to roam
without thought for dismay or scare
my life altogether no need for repair

I want to relax and feel at ease
I want it real, no room for tease
no bugbears or strange nightmare
I want to live, I want to dare

To live my life to the full
not wait for everything until
it looks and feels just fine
I want my experience to be free, to be mine

Why does this fill me with dread
it seems to grow within my head
I wish it were somewhere else instead
where I could stand on it and say - you are dead

I respect your stance
I don't understand the basis
I know this is your chance
maybe it is none of my business

I worry so
do you too
I do also
want to love you too

This has always given me the horrors
why do I see life in black and white and miss the colors
and the shades that brighten my neighbors
while all I see and feel give me tremors

As if I were an active volcano
just waiting to erupt and to bury
me in the negative and miss out on the light
of life, its joys, its pleasures, its grace - just out of my sight

So what is it that I can do
to turn this round and see life anew
find love and friendship in my companions and family
and find strength within where lies life's true beauty

These emotions fill me with dread
this is not the life that I envisaged
I want to see clearly my life ahead
not feel my life in turmoil, my emotions ravaged

I suspect that is not the case
I don't know for sure
upon what do you base
your life - you are so mature

Why am I so nervous

is it baseless
it is not bogus
hope its not callous
might be careless
I just see darkness
I'm not faultless
is it fruitless
is it free and gratis

surely not hopeless

no - I'm not jealous
is it needless
could be pointless
I am restless
is it sickness
no not status
it was ever thus
I am driven witless

and now feel nauseous

Why do I panic so
is it that I want things just so
or is it part of my character or my makeup
I want to enjoy my life not have a breakup

Why do things get through to me
why do I not ahead of me see
what may happen and prepare
I am fearful but I want to care

Not for those things that me frighten
I want my life to be full and brighten
me with experience true and full
allow me to relax, be content and life fulfill

All best,

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