Fearful is the person not in tune with their own life

Tackle your worries with determination and resolve

No one wants to be fearful. It is just not a good state to be in.

To feel surrounded by life. To feel that life is closing in. To be short of breath. To feel warm. To feel the hairs on the back of our neck rise in anticipation. That is what being afraid can be like.

The whole thing may be over in a moment. Others may not see what we are scared of. It might be irrational. It may not make sense. It may be a reaction we are not used to. It may not have happened before. None of that matters.

Logic is nowhere. We feel it that is all that counts. Thinking beyond it may be OK for some, but not for us. It is just not that simple.

There is nothing like it - whatever the reason. Being scared or afraid is a feeling all of its own. Or being frightened, nervous, or jittery. To be timid, alarmed or panicky. Hesitant or faint hearted.

All a little bit different, but with elements that closely link them together.

We need to put things into perspective. Seek help if necessary. Realize that we are not on our own.

But we can handle this. We can get through this. We can cope, we can survive, we can thrive.

All best,

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