Good Humored Takes Life Seriously But In A Light Manner

You enjoy your life

To be good humored is to be cheerful and agreeable. To be in a nice receptive and appreciative space.

To be approachable. To know the value and enjoy the company of others. But also to be happy in our own company, too.

To be amiable and of good temper. To support this with cool, calm and collected - which requires us to be firmly grounded in life. A formidable combination.

To be generally in a good mood. To be pleasant and amenable. To be open to possibilities and opportunities.

To have the supportive character. For cheerfulness will not occur in a vacuum, being amiable does not just appear out of thin air.

With good character and integrity, your mood can not just exist but be self developing.

And being willing to poke fun at ourselves. To have the confidence and willingness to do this - that is all part of the package here.

Try to have these aspects and qualities in your arsenal. It will be worth working at.

You will have not cause to regret it.

All best,

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