High Self Esteem - Be Aware Of The Signs And Symptoms

Some people have low esteem, yet others have high self esteem. Either will have an effect upon your life. The signs and symptoms are there for us to see if we understand what to look for and are willing to give ourselves this time.

If our esteem is high, then we will show signs of this in our daily life and it can affect what we do and how we do things. And how constructive and productive our life is can be seen in the symptoms of esteem we show off to the world.

Healthy esteem

If healthy esteem is

  • Having an appreciation and acceptance of our limitations as well as a belief in what we can do
  • Knowing we have strengths, talents - using them, trusting them
  • Having a good, honest respect for our values and principles, as well as abilities and potential
  • Having and enjoying a strong sense of who we are, what we stand for and what we want to achieve in life
  • Realizing that while perceptions, ideas and opinions about us exist, they do not have to mould us or determine who we are
  • Not being overly concerned with what others think of or about us
  • In general, a good rounded individual enjoying life
then what does having high self esteem mean for us?

Signs or symptoms

What are the signs or symptoms of our esteem being too high?

  • Being too full of ourselves
  • Being arrogant
  • Exhibiting unhealthy self love and vanity
  • Being over bearing
  • Being over assertive
  • Lacking in humility


So, what causes our esteem to be too high?

  • Is it the way we are?
  • We are overly concerned with ourselves?
  • We suffer from unearned high esteem?

What to do?

So, what can we do about high self esteem?

  • Nothing - as we rightly feel very good about ourselves?
  • We need a reality check?
  • We need to think less about ourselves and more about how we inter-relate with others?
  • We need to think less about ourselves and more about others?
  • We need to get stuck into life and let life remove some of our hard edges
  • We need to be less assertive and more humble
  • We need to listen to others and do more for them - we have the confidence to do so
  • We need to be careful that our self confidence does not get us into trouble
  • We need to realise we have limitations and the world does not revolve around us
  • We need to respect ourselves and see the good, abilities and potential in others - and respect that
  • We need to take stock and refresh our views about ourselves
  • None or all of the above?

Can we make a difference?

And, can we do it? Yes. A definite, yes. We just need to work on ourselves a little, make some changes, make a difference. Can we develop a healthy self esteem? Can we be that confident, well adjusted, well rounded individual who enjoys life, respects others and makes a valuable contribution? Yes. You can change that high level self esteem into a healthy esteem. It will be worth it.

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