Human Nature - Live Your Life, Reach Your Potential

What is human nature? What do we mean by our nature? What do we understand by our nature? What is it to be human? What can we learn by looking at this subject more closely? What will we find if we look at ourselves more closely, put ourselves under the spotlight? Will we like what we see or find?

Our nature

Human nature - what can we take from it? How can we change our life should we want to? Are we comfortable with ourselves?

Oh so many questions. Disturbing, maybe. Inspiring, maybe. Life changing, maybe. Possible to ignore, yes. Possible to avoid, no.

So, what is there to our nature?

What exactly is our human nature? It is both simple and complex. But it is straightforward and complicated at the same time. What is the nature of human society? A huge question and we only play a small part in the greater whole.

Our human nature, our nature is made up of many elements and parts. Let us consider just a few of the questions that life and our nature:

  • Are we really at the top of the food chain - how well do we fulfil that role?
  • Are we better than we seem?
  • Do we live up to decent standards?
  • What gives our nature a real side - putting our animal instincts together with our brain, our mind and other 'superior' attributes?
  • Are we tainted by the pursuit of wealth or riches - is this necessarily wrong or does it, can it lead us off the straight and narrow?
  • Do we look forward with eyes open, and in pursuit of our 'good nature', or do we tend to look the other way in times of need?
  • Do we look to life for profit only, to take only, or do we share, share of ourselves and give, give of ourselves - and not just when asked?
  • Do we let our true nature come through - one of love, happiness, lightness, beauty, or is our dark side the more prominent?
  • Do we live for the simple things in life, the simple enjoyment of nature and your life or are we not satisfied with our simple nature and want to conquer all?
  • Do we live for our past, and live from that, or do we
  • Enjoy our present, the moment, the life we have, or do we
  • Fulfil ourselves only in our future, when all will be well in our life?
  • Do we have hopes and dreams of our future and let them rule us in all we do?

There is a lot to think about and consider.

The nature of human society . . .

Is this really what we want? Is this really how we want to live? What is the nature of human society? What part do we play? Can we really make a difference?

Do we need to get bogged down in the nature of society, or is it more important to look to ourselves and what we do. Look to share and assist, give and contribute within our capabilities and in our own way. To try to influence things for the good but to live the best life we can.

To take responsibility for our thoughts, words and deeds. To be proud and satisfied that we are doing our best in life. To be walking the path, our path to realize our own potential. And, at the same time, try to help those around us to do the same.

More questions than answers . . . ?

It may seem that we don't have all the answers. But is that really a bad thing? If we knew it all what would the purpose of living be? What would we be striving for? Would life then be the adventure it can be for us?

Life can be a challenge for us. Let us all rise to the challenge(s) of our own life and then we'll collectively be making a real difference to the bigger picture.

How to truly enjoy your nature . . .

Is there a definition of human nature? How could we define our nature? To what purpose, to what end? Let us look at some of the things related to our nature, how we live, the things we do.

  • Learn from your own life
  • Learn from people around you
  • Learn from the 'real' characters in your life
  • Build a positive attitude
  • Don't be a perfectionist - just strive to the best you can (and then some!)
  • Admit your problems, take responsibility and own them
  • Are we what our habits make us? Break free and be yourself
  • Be aware of your attitude - it can be everything or nothing for you
  • Change the way you think
  • Choices - be aware of them, make them wise ones
  • Do the obvious in life when you have to and be grateful for the opportunity
  • Conquer your habits and make a real contribution
  • Develop an optimistic attitude
  • Discover your passion
  • Get along with people
  • Make friends
  • Remember that how you do something is how you make your mark
  • Make time for your family and friends
  • Make time for yourself
  • Live in the now
  • Live in the moment

One of life's challenges

Our nature is a challenge for anyone. To find out about and explore our human nature is a lifelong challenge. It can be a huge hurdle or it can be a lifelong adventure. Getting the most out of ourselves and making a contribution being two things that will make a difference, make our life count. Make our human nature count.

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