Humble Is The Person Who Knows Their Own Mind And The Glory Of Life

Develop the common touch

Being humble should be something that we all practice, if only from time to time. And is it so difficult?

To be modest and unpretentious. Do we not always need the spotlight, to be a star of the show?

Quiet and unassuming is not necessarily weak and pathetic and very often is not. What it can show is self assurance. A calm self acceptance. An awareness of self. A noble goal indeed.

To be submissive on purpose is your choice; by accident something you may need to remember; to walk into may just be error prone.

To be genuine is a gift not just for others but also for yourself.

To have the common touch backed by modesty, thought and caring is a very strong mixture. A combination of attributes to hunger for.

But being yourself you will take life as it comes, quietly and with dignity.

All best,

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