Humorless Misses Out On Smiles, Happiness And Contentment

Are you missing out?

To be humorless is to be a little sad. To lack amusement in life is missing another of life's little ingredients.

To miss out on laughing - not always at the expense of others - at an amusing turn of events, or an amusing circumstance or happening, is a definite loss. And not to be able to stretch ones facial muscles in a manner intended.

To miss out on smiling. What a pain that would be. How could we do without a smile. Both ourselves and when someone shares a happy moment with us. What an honor, what a privilege.

How can you feel angry and disappointed with the world, or anything else, when you have a smile on your face.

Feeling happy. Does that not warm your heart. Energizes you. Relaxes you. A lovely feeling inside.

Feeling content. At home with the world and ourselves.

Feeling comfortable. How we warm to that and welcome that into our lives.

Put together - how they make us feel happy to be alive.

How strange it would be for all this to be absent from our world.

And to be able to poke fun at ourselves. To be able to do that in the public arena. What a show of confidence. How people warm to us. And how we feel when they do the honor of poking fun at themselves, but seemingly for our benefit.

To not be able to see the absurd as funny, to not see the incongruous as comical. To never want to smile let alone laugh is to take life altogether far too seriously.

Only more serious would be to not take life at all. But it may be a close run thing.

All best,

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