Improve Self Motivation and Enhance Your Life

How do you improve self motivation? Perhaps the real question is why are you not excited by what you want? What you desire. Where's your enthusiasm? Where's the passion? Where's the commitment? Do you really know what you want? What to do to improve self motivation?

Fire yourself up

How would you help with your self motivation? A good starting point is to fire up yourself, your motivation. OK, we've not always managed it. At times we've given up on things. Other times we've run it close. So what can we do about it? What can we learn?

Feel your own success. I mean, really feel it. Visualize that moment. Can you see it? Feel it? Smell it? Taste it? That wonderful feeling?

That moment of attaining your desired outcome. Savour that moment. Let that moment sink in. See it happening for you. Would that motivate you? Would that enthuse you? Would that propel you towards that goal? Your goal.

[And you need to keep up this visualization until you achieve your target. Don't let up. Then you start to visualize the next goal - and so it goes on.]

Give yourself a bonus

To improve self motivation, give yourself an incentive for achieving your goal. Encourage yourself along the path to your prize. Treat yourself. Just make sure that the incentive is in line with the goal or prize achieved - otherwise you only deceive yourself

  • Accept support. Associate with people of like mind. Support and encourage each other. Appreciate each other. Respect each other. This will hep provide the foundations for your actions and your aspirations
  • Release negative aspects. Tell yourself you can achieve. You can succeed. Do not accept anything else.
  • Be of good spirit. Get in touch with yourself. Feel you way forward. Feel in harmony with yourself. Respect yourself.

These will help make inroads to improve self motivation.


To progress to improve self motivation, you need to create and maintain a motivated mindset. Get that mind in gear. It is your friend. Treat it as such. And a powerful friend it will be.

First steps

As they say, the first steps to improve self motivation can be the hardest. Getting going. The answer - once you've set your goal and have your action plan in place - is to do something. Just get started. It relieves a lot of the tension, the pressure of the task ahead. It sets you at your ease. Allow you to feel that you are on your way. Your journey has begun.

Into action

Getting into action is the key. You now have the motivation. Don't let it slip away. Don't let it trickle away, and to no avail. You're excited. Don't let the chance slip away. (This chance will have gone forever - even if another chance comes along later.)

Trouble getting out of the blocks?

Or, perhaps you're having trouble getting out of the blocks. You keep putting of that moment. You feel motivated, but … We've all met that. Had those moments - or is it ages? Procrastination. It takes hold and you freeze. Cannot move forward or back. Excuses abound. We hate it but cannot move. Cannot act.

Look up. Take stock. Visualize your goal (again). Visualize succeeding and achieving your goal. Is it real for you again? Make just one (small) step. Perhaps faltering but a step nonetheless. Then another. Then another. A hurdle overcome (getting started) and you are on your way. Motivation on the up. Confidence returning. Excitement rising. Looking forward to the journey ahead.

Help with motivating yourself

You're positive and motivated to reach your full potential. Your positive mental attitude is another key to achieving your success. Backed up by your confidence and healthy self image. You have a real force for good in your life.

Utilizing your talents. Supported by your principles and values. Kept in check by your discipline. All put together, you'll see your way through to your goals and dreams.

Some motivation questions and tips?

How about some self-motivation tips? Some tips on staying motivated. What can help? What do you need to do?

  • You need a goal that inspires you. But at times that is not enough. Or at least it does not seem so. Reassess. Set some intermediate goals to help keep up your progress, and keep you on your path to your target
  • Is it all worth the effort? Don't be put off. Let smaller goals be stepping stones to your prize
  • How to draw inspiration? Be yourself. Let your enjoyment and love of life shine through
  • How to maintain focus? First, realize you are off key. Your concentration has faltered. You need to step back. Refresh yourself and your goal. See what you really want. Refocus your efforts and attention. Renew your motivated self and go for it once more. Let your discipline carry you forward
  • Do I have the talents and skills to achieve? Be positive. Look back on previous successes and achievements. Look forward with confidence and believe in your success
  • 'I oh so want this.' You set your eyes on a good and honourable goal. Let your positive self image lift you. Let your sense of self worth propel you forward
  • 'Do I deserve it?' Don't ever believe anything else (providing the goal is good and true). Let your self confidence and self esteem give you the impetus to move you forward

Be advised by the tips. They will help with improving self motivation. Realize your confidence and self motivation will move you forward and enhance your self esteem, and enhance your life.

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