Being Inconsistent In Life Will Hold You Back

Try to achieve some balance

Do we really want to be inconsistent? To not have any order or harmony in our life. Is this really going to be that pleasing and satisfying?

How would you, or anyone else for that matter, know where they are if you give out contradictory signals? If you do something this way now, but then completely change your approach, for no good reason, next time round.

Being variable and changeable means that you can adapt to situation or circumstance. But being erratic can mean that your effort is not the same in similar circumstances, and when the need arises.

It may not be unstable, but it may be erratic. Or uneven or inconstant. This may prove incompatible with some actions as well as casting doubts in the minds of those around you.

If you lead a contrary life, a life at odds to your situation and life, where could this lead for you? It will not bring balance and harmony, nor contentment and satisfaction. For those are normally based upon sure and constant feelings and modes.

But all may not be lost. You may be out of step with your colleagues, friends or situation, but that may not be irretrievable.

But when it grows into being discordant and conflcting with the life you lead then you really do have some issues that need resolving.

And you had better put some effort into them as a priority. And be determined in so doing.

Bring some consistency into your life and move on from that.

All best,

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