Let Your Love Flow And Live A Satisfying, Productive Life

Let your love flow and be in sync with your life. When in the flow of life you feel free of constraint, energized for action. When you set your loving free you open up new avenues, new possibilities, new opportunities to enhance your life experience and make the most of your skills and talents.

Learning to trust again. That is a big thing in anybody's life. When we don't trust (either ourselves or others) we handicap ourselves and diminish the life we can lead. Trusting again is but one part of taking care of self.

Looking after yourself is your responsibility. This is something you should not leave to others. Nor to chance. Taking care of yourself means different things to different people, but in essence is looking out for number one. And learning that this can be done without detriment to others or the world that you live in.

Freedom reigns

Freedom reigns. You feel in harmony with your life.

In the flow. In the flow of life. What a lovely expression.

It means so much to us.

Life is in a state of motion and we have to walk, run, move with it.

But this is more than that even. We are in harmony with life.

Let your love flow. Find that place within yourself where content, stillness lies. Where tranquility resides. Live from that and life really comes alive.

Taking care of self

Taking care of self is one of the most important aspects of life. It should really be given top priority. What is more important, and who will do that for us it we don't?

There is so much glitzy and appealing stuff around these days, grabbing our attention and not wanting to let go. Looking after yourself can take a back seat. No time. No energy left. No motivation. No this or that.

What more should we be doing? Taking care of self . . .

To be in sync with our inner life. To feel that. To live from that.

To act from that. To feel that we are going in the right direction - for us. To prefer self-perception rather than self justification. To be self aware rather than selfish.

To feel that what we are doing is correct for our world - the world in which we live. The small microcosm world in our vicinity, and the big wide world, too.

To learn from failure and to minimize self criticism. To utilize self-compassion and learn from self-fulfillment.

Let your love flow. To feel that self healing energy with which life truly abounds. To be at one with yourself. Don't let anything come between you and you. Understand that you need to come first in life.

Sounds real selfish, doesn't it? But everyone else has other priorities to you. They need to look after themselves. You need to look after yourself.

And love and self respect is at the heart of self acceptance. Love for life and respect for yourself and others. On a basic level what more in life is there?

Learning to trust again

Learning to trust again is a prerequisite to loving yourself. Many things happen in life, many stresses and strains. Many things impact on us. Bleed us of our life energy and more. Want that little piece of us, or is it a big piece?

To respect yourself and others you need to trust. And you need self forgiveness, to forgive and go easier on yourself. To know and live from a state of love and trust.
Trust that life has your best interests (in the long run). Challenges and obstacles will abound. You will be tested. And sometimes found wanting. Who isn't? But over your life, life itself is one of the few constants. That breath in and out.

And where does it come from? Big questions. Faith, belief, what you will. We each have our ideas and feelings.

And we trust anyway don't we, without realizing it. A new day dawns and life is there once again. It keeps coming back until it does not. We judge, it just comes. We have prejudices, it is just there. We hate it, or rather things happening in it, but life is still around for us.

Life trusts us, so why don't we start trusting life again? Set your loving free and feel the freedom that comes from that. Feel and find the power of miracles in your own life and those around you. Freedom reigns once again.

Let your love flow and be in harmony with your life.

Find the flow of your life. And if you don't like the direction or route being taken, then you can do something about it. May be easy, may be hard, but you do have the rudder if you can look and see and understand.

You may feel like the sleeper awakens. Awaken to a new life and a new you. Awaken a sleeping giant that is you.

To start on a venture and to feel it subtlety taken over by life's good graces.

To be comfortable and content to be taken along on the wave of life's energy. To be a small part of life's momentum.

To be in the here and now. To feel the harmony of now.

Set your loving free

To be in the moment.

Not untouchable, but to be working towards some greater design.

We may not understand but it feels just right.

It feels clear. Clarity reigns.

And all parts of us - our mind, body, spirit, brain, limbs, it all - acting in unison.

And let life show us all the wonders, experiences that need to come our way.

And let your love flow today.

A very special moment. Each breath a very special moment. A privilege to be a part of it all.

A privilege to just be.

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All best,

Martin W

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