Get More Out Of It - Understand The Logic Of Life

Logic. Not a subject many of us have given much time, I imagine. Yet we all try, certainly at times, to be logical in our approach to life, in our actions, and in our choices. And so on. This plays a part in life. We try to see the different sides of an argument. Sometimes dispassionately, other times with feeling and emotion. For how do we separate them - the feeling and the emotion? We can distinguish between them, but to isolate them is not so easy. And they all play a part in our lives. In how we live, in what we do, in how we do it.

What place - the logical?

But surely, you may be thinking, what place this discussion on a website about self esteem and life. On a website that suggests that many facets of life are interwoven together in life. In life where feeling and intuition play there important part where does the logical fit in? Does it fit in, does it complement our thoughts, feelings and intuition? I would say a definite yes.

Fundamentals of life

I feel that the logical nature of things is fundamental to life. And that this is beyond our thoughts and reasoning. We have life. Our most precious - 'commodity'. Yet it is not our possession. It is as if we have life on loan for our time on Earth. We have our 'three score and ten' or whatever we are fortunate enough to experience.

Whether it is short or long, or somewhere in the middle, life is ours. It is an amazing experience. We don't know whether we asked for it. We don't know much about our early days. We don't know much about our 'end of days'.

As Brad Pitt said in the excellent movie 'Meet Joe Black' 'that death and taxes - are the only things that we can rely on in life'. Though funny and ironic - I don't know that statement is strictly true . . .

And, a new day . . .

Each day dawns. We may be asleep or we may on occasion stay up for it. I remember doing so at the Grand Canyon a few years ago now.

Darkness pervaded the landscape, and we had to be careful not 'fall off the cliff'. It was quiet, oh so quiet. So still. Just us there in the darkness awaiting the dawn.

And darkness remained. No one about. The odd deer walking in the darkness. Otherwise quietness.
Then slowly the darkness receded. Not light, yet not quite so dark . . .

Then slowly a little light appeared in the distance as day dawned.
Then a little more light arrives. And a bit more, and more ...

And the faraway impressions of the Canyon reveal themselves. Slowly at first. Then moment by moment the light comes. The sun rises above the horizon. And it starts to warm us. Not on the outside (it is before six am) but within. The sun warms.

The sun seems symbolic of life. Showing itself. Revealing itself. Just like life does each day.

And it is there. The sun is there and life goes on. And life is there for us again and our experience marches on.

A sun rise - what an experience . . .

The sun rises and a new day dawns
And the dawning of the sun reveals the landscape - always there but hidden, now revealed

We're glad we got up. It did make for a long day, but to see the sun rising over the Grand Canyon - that is definitely something to tell our grandchildren about. Don't have that type of experience every day.

Yet the sun rises each and every day. Anywhere. Everywhere.

A sunrise anywhere is a magnificent experience. And one we should all have. And more regularly than we do. A day dawning. A new day dawning for us. For humanity. But for us. In our life. A new start. Our life continuing for another day. Precious. Wonderful. Another day dawns and with it our life. And what can that mean to us - a new day dawning:

  • the majesty
  • the wonder
  • the feeling
  • the importance
  • and we can feel a part of it

And at times we question

  • why are we here
  • what are we doing
  • what should we be doing
  • what should I be contributing
  • what does this mean to me

Questions and more questions. And any answers.

In our hearts we know. Life is life and we have it. We are so honored. And are we making the most of our time here? Are we getting the best out of life and ourselves? That is the logical approach . . .

And we should be looking at this with glass half full eyes, with open eyes, with open mind, with open heart.

Drawing life in. Sucking it in.

Doing our things, yes? Taking and giving, giving and taking - we all do it, we all have to do it.Yet life continues. Our life continues. Let us banish the illogical. The logic of life each day, life within us, breath within us, continues. Each day. Every Day. Without question. Without dispute. Without a request from us it is there.Life is there for us all each day. Whatever our situation. However we see things - great, good, bad or indifferent. Life is there.

  • Maybe we asked for help yesterday or today. And it comes. And we are grateful. Or perhaps we did not notice.
  • But maybe we did not ask for help yesterday or today. And it comes. And we are grateful. Or perhaps we did not notice

Caught up in our life. Caught up in all the stresses and strains of life.

Is life reasonable?

At times. Other times it appears not.

To me life has its logic. Things have their innate logic - not a sign of the illogical. Its own reasoning. I don't always understand it. My deductions are my own. What can you deduce from life? About life.

Many a book or article, or newspaper story, or university course, or private discussion has centered around life. Making sense of it - or at least trying. Deductions here. Reasons there. Deducing that. Reasoning the other. Yet the logic of life moves on each day. Our attempts to dissect it, to bring it down to our level. For us to understand it.

Yet the logic of life pervades all , each day. Every day. My life. Your life. Everybody's life. Life goes on, through, over, whatever we think or feel at the time.

With each new day

Each day dawns. Whether we wake naturally or to the alarm clock. Awake we do. Life is waiting. Perhaps we asked for it. Perhaps we did not.

But life is there. Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. On and on we go. Our experience continues. Life continues.

Days go by. Another dawns. Awake again. Breath in, breath out.

And how awake are we?

How much do we experience of life's rich tapestry? The tapestry for us. That is down to us.

And we are trying to capture that essence. And we are trying to capture that logic of life. And that magic is there for all of us, to experience, to savor, to enjoy. And, in our own time, our own way, in our own life.

A personal addendum

And the logic of life is, in part, why I am here now writing this page. And using my talents such as they are. As the words hit the screen of my PC. There is a flow to it. Beyond me there is a flow. Life has that flow.

When life is really happening for us. When we are really experiencing life, there is that flow, that logic, that feeling to life. Indescribable. Inexpressible.

Yet it feels good to try.

Perhaps I enjoy my writing the most when I start my piece - be it webpage, article, chapter of a book, whatever - and there are thoughts and ideas floating around a subject at the beginning.

And I have this mad rush to capture them on the page before they float away. (Yet if they do, other ones can come and replace them, and something different will evolve.) And the page evolves.

And it seems best when the evolution seems to take on a 'life' of its own. The words flow and the page gets filled but the direction of the thoughts on paper, the words - that seems to have its own way. Its own direction. Its own importance.

The words take over. Some mysterious force takes over.

(Is this what we tap into when life is really flowing along? When life's real satisfaction, enjoyment, joy is experienced - whether it be a sunset or sunrise, a painting, a landscape, a job well done, a memorable occasion, a new friendship, an old and respected friendship, grand children playing - whatever, whatever ...And we find that connection to life. And life just is in those moments.)

And the page fills. And what is said, the direction of the flow, and the end - they all seem out of my hands.

Something really special is occurring. We can feel in tune with life. We can feel in tune with ourselves. And this can happen at any moment in our life. In our day.

Those memorable moments. Those precious and wonderful moments. And when they combine together into a memorable experience we are even more graced.

That life graces us each day with its presence. Joy - sheer joy. Experience beyond words. The true logic of life. Beyond my comprehension. Beyond our comprehension. We realize its presence. Bathe in that. Warm ourselves in that. Be thankful for that.

For that is life at the core. Our core. Our inner feeling and depth of life. There for us.

Beyond our words. There for us to savor. Beyond our logic. Logical to us. But beyond our reason. It makes perfect sense to us. But beyond our reasoning.

And we can experience the joy of life, our life, our logic in our life.

Go enjoy and experience.

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