Low Self Esteem - The Causes And Signs Can Be There To See

Low self esteem

Low esteem can be a complex phenomena. It has several features, symptoms, causes and signs. It is not as simple as just a matter of overcoming signs of negative emotions. On the upside, poor self esteem is not now seen, as it once was, as the specific cause or blame for many ills or problems.

Often people with low self esteem are actually pretty sure of themselves. Sure yes, but sadly of their own inadequacy. When on is negative about oneself, when we see ourselves in a poor light, saying that life is a great, wonderful, exciting or joyful experience does not cut much ice. It does not carry the weight it might. Arguing will just widen the gap between the two communicators.

The process to and development of healthy self esteem is a subtle one. And not in response to verbal attempts. The proof can emerge with a calmer more relaxed approach. Seeing oneself less emotionally and more objectively. Emotions distort perception. Their removal can boost ones level of esteem.

Enjoy life

We need to enjoy life. Need to immerse ourselves. The more often the better. This gives a better sense of self. It helps counter the brain washing, one of the causes which helped to establish the poor level of esteem in the first place.


Success can be hard to live with. In that an excuse is fabricated rather than accepting it as fair reward to accomplishment. One has to learn to change this. That is so successes really mean something. And also not taking non-successes (failures) personally.


What are some of the characteristics or effects of low self esteem? Poor self confidence and social skills. Emotions in turmoil. Find it hard to deal with compliments. Not fair or respectful of themselves. Think others feel poorly of them. Avoid challenges. Fail to trust own thoughts, opinions and convictions. Do not expect much out of life.


Is poor self esteem irretrievable? No. But it takes effort to develop a healthy level of esteem. One could compare the effects of our comfort zone - the discomfort and expansion of oneself that is required to develop and change one's outlook.What can one do?

  • How did you see yourself as a child? What ideal did you have when you did believe in yourself?
  • The need to improve your self image and grow to your ideal.
  • Slowly, daily, moving your self image to the required ideal.
Won't be an overnight thing. Lots of small steps. Progressing stage by stage. Letting your low self esteem grow slowly and seeing the benefits to your life

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