Self Management Is An Essential Requirement Of Having A Productive Life

Management should be an active and an important part of our daily life. For without looking after ourselves and responsibly deciding what we do in life, where would we be?

There is much to attend to. Our values and principles, our talents and skills to use and support us. Our self esteem and self image to monitor and nurture.

Our confidence and motivation to maintain and use to encourage us to really live this life. Our personal growth and self development to attend to and allow to happen in its own way and its own pace.

Our acceptance and awareness of life. The care in which we deal with life and ourselves.

Our goals and dreams. Our targets and aims. Our thoughts, deeds and actions.

How we communicate with others. How we behave and how we handle our emotions. How we present ourselves to the world. What we give and contribute to the world we live and the people we know and love.

Management needs to be a part of our everyday life. But with this awareness of looking after and managing ourselves and our life comes tension and pressures and other emotions to cope with. These add anxiety and further burdens to otherwise pressurized lives. We need to quickly put 'our' house in order. To put things into perspective for ourselves we will question and ponder, think and reassess - what we do, who we are, our tensions and anxieties, ourselves. At times like these words can be very powerful - healing, soothing, comforting, relaxing . . .

The power of words . . .

As we read we can let the words gently flow over us. We can let the words quietly be spoken to us in there own sweet way. We can let ourselves open to the thoughts and their meanings, the ideas and their origin, the phrases and the understandings that they have ready for us. Ready for us to assimilate and take on board. If we let them filter through and allow the words their power to move and rejuvenate. If we let ourselves be uplifted and filled with their sometimes hidden insights. Let them gently and slowly impact on our lives as we read - and in the future when we recall their meaning for us.

I hope this page will do this and more. I hope this example will help to express life in an insightful, penetrating but easy to read manner. And help us to question the lives we lead and the manner in which we live them.

How do we include management in the way we live
does it come down to how much we are willing to give
we should avoid passive and undefined motive
and instead we should remain alert and ever active

Good management does not come down to control
for at times we may need then to console
ourselves with the loss of direction if preplanned
and we are not in our life in charge or in command

For if we don't assume the proper handling
of our life, all its facets and elements underlining
what our life does then mean to us
how can we conduct our days to success

But to do so we need to manage our affairs
for if not we may be misguided which may end in tears
of frustration if not revealing the loss of hope
without guidance and care how can we really with life cope

So we need to make most of the running
the effects of real purpose and meaning can be stunning
and help re-energize our life and our action
and with forethought really give our life some direction.

Without confidence and motivation how can we act
without management and values how can we expect to extract
the most out of life, ourselves and our deeds
if we don't very well manage our important needs

And we need look no further than at our home
within ourselves is the fountain of wisdom where we can roam
and find for ourselves the direction that life should now lead
and our inner joy, satisfaction and contentment this will feed

If we tackle life in the right way
administer nourishment each and every day
and not just food and sleep but inner growth and development
we really know the difference when this is all absent

We should tackle our self esteem and self image
though at times this needs thought, assistance and courage
to lay bare our inner most thoughts and feelings
is not easy but will help us evaluate our future dealings

With life and with the people we interact
we need be conscious less we detract
from what we do and the mark we make
our life, our surroundings and forsake

The path we should now be treading
for lack of impetus, navigation and cutting
ourselves off from the source of life and sustenance
that we should find each day in healthy abundance

If we step back and look at how we manage
our life, deeds, thoughts, actions and use the knowledge
we have gleaned from our journey in life to this day
be humble and honest with ourselves and not go astray

From the way and path in life we should be walking
its time for directed action and not just talking
if we are to make the most of our time here and now
we need to take things forward confidently now knowing the how.

All best,

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