Materialistic is the person who puts possessions before life

Is there more to life?

Are you materialistic?

No one likes someone who is totally mercenary. Only thinking of themselves, but not just that, to only think of worldly goods or possessions - and often to the exclusion of all else.

Many people think that wealth and possessions are the mark of a person. What you have in the bank, what you own, and the more exclusive (hence more expensive) the better. And if you do not have these 'things' you are looked down upon. A second class citizen.

While we can admire 'local boy makes good' stories, the flaunting of wealth, goods or trinkets (anything shiny and sparkly) - is that really to be condoned? They do not enamor us to other people. In fact they can often distance us from them.

More money than sense is just an expression. Easy to say when one does not have the money, I know. But people with the common touch, common appeal - whether wealthy or not - are they not to more easily admired and respected?

We all want to relate, we want to be able to think we belong. That we are a part of things.

What wealth and money cannot buy are parts of life's majesty. Joy, happiness, peace, contentment, satisfaction. A smile. Love. Do not miss out on any of the latter in trying to impress others - neither lose yourself in the former.

Your experience of life is at stake.

All best,

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