No One Need Feel A Misfit

You can fit in

I hope you do not feel a misfit in life. That would be a real shame.

We have all heard of the story of the ugly duckling who grew up to be an elegant and graceful swan. The same can surely happen to us.

We may not feel that we really belong. That the people around us are just different from us, and that we would be better off being somewhere else.

That may be the case, but the important aspect of this is not to take it to heart. Not to feel guilty for feeling this way.

It may be just a warning for you. An incentive to change your circumstances. To find yourself a different environment in which to live.

Not belonging can be an issue. We all want to feel a part of our life and our surroundings. When this is lost it may just be time to move on.

To find pastures new. To find ourselves somewhere else.

Not to get hypercritical of ourselves but to accept our situation and do what is necessary to move and find somewhere more suitable.

Somewhere where we can feel at home. Can feel comfortable. Can live our life and feel a valued part of where we live and not a fish out of water.

All best,

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