No Self Confidence - Boost Your Self Respect And Esteem To Move On In Life

Having no self confidence affects your life. If you lack or have low confidence levels you can severely restrict what you do in life and the amount you enjoy things. Things become a pain. You can lack esteem and respect. You feel low and find it hard to pick yourself up. Your friends may say pick yourself up, but sometimes things are not so easy as they may think.

When you lack or have little self confidence this affects your outlook. What you do. How you approach it. How you do things. What you try. What you leave alone for fear of criticism or fear of failure. Recognize the signs early to start to do something about it.

Signs of low confidence

No self-confidence - what are the signs?

  • Worrying about what other people think about them
  • Taking criticism badly
  • Uncomfortable in new situations
  • Unable to cope with things
  • Unable to handle compliments
  • Focus on what they do wrong
  • Being very pessimistic
  • Uncomfortable in social situations
  • Small comfort zone
  • Negative mental attitude
  • Cannot assert themselves
  • Feeling inferior or insecure
  • Lacking respect for themselves


What can cause a low level of confidence?

  • Self sabotage
  • Trying to be perfect
  • Stress
  • Experiencing too much pressure
  • Affects carried over from childhood
  • Influences from other people
  • Influences at work
  • Day to day interactions with other people and life
  • Long-term poor self image
  • Thinking they should do better when they are ill prepared or lack the necessary skills
  • Very poor self esteem
  • Regular rejection
  • Past failures and their affects linger on
  • Setting goals and not getting close to them
  • Lack of personal growth
  • Poor sense of self worth
  • Having love withheld throughout their life
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Seldom praised, seldom rewarded - particularly when warranted
  • Long-term affects of negative outlook

Overcoming lack of confidence

How does one improve or overcome one's feeling of no self confidence?

  • Do not compare yourself with others
  • Start to speak up for yourself
  • Start to think positively
  • Build a positive outlook over time - until you become 'it'
  • Stop thinking negatively - change your thoughts to positive ones
  • Build up your strengths and use them
  • Don't dwell on your weaknesses or failures
  • Develop and improve your weaknesses - you'll be more secure in what you do
  • Be proud of what you accomplish
  • Make some decisions and execute them - be happy in what you do
  • Set some small goals and start to achieve them
  • Set bigger goals as you gain confidence
  • Include exercise in your life - it will distract you, get you fitter and help you accomplish more
  • Don't rush - life is not a race
  • Give yourself time to do things
  • Give yourself time - time for you, quiet time
  • Give yourself permission to do things
  • Let yourself become more confident over time
  • Allow your self esteem to grow over time
  • Allow yourself to be (not do, just be); find some peace, calm and contentment within yourself - by allowing your mind, body and spirit to harmonize

Overcome your situation of having little or no self confidence and take your rightful place in life.

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