Being Observant Can Be One Of Your Great Skills

Do not just see, observe

To be observant is a gift. We can look but do we see. We can see but do we really appreciate what we are looking at?

Do we have greater understanding from our interaction with life?

If we could look, see, observe and understand what more could we realize and perceive? What more could there be for us?

But are we so attentive that we see but fail to act, lost in the process or beauty of the scene?

Are we perceptive in our dealings? Are we careful in our actions? Are we vigilant and mindful of the repercussions of our actions?

Do we take on board the lessons that our senses can show and tell us? Do we let these little snippets of life pass us by?

Are we alert, concentrated and focused on the benefits or are we always looking for the hurdles and the obstacles?

Are we awake to the life we have or do we sleep walk through most of it?

Are we judgemental or are we just observers of life and its interactions?

Are we ever watchful of a short cut or a chance to try to beat life? Or have we embraced life and wish to learn and grow throughout our days?

May we see and observe, reflect and assess, and then act from a point of knowledge and strength.

All best,

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