Over Confidence - Being Super Confident Can Be A Two Edged And Arrogant Sword

Blessing or curse?

Is over confidence a blessing or a curse? If it breeds and encourages an assertive nature, who likes that? If it leads to arrogant and unsociable behavior people may pass you by. Being super confident may appear to be a great blessing but it needs to be tempered with humility and thoughtfulness.

Arrogance needs to be tempered by thought and care. Assertiveness needs to be reined in less it winds people up and alienates you. Your confidence may bread a sociable air but care needs to be taken to give other people the chance to express themselves and be themselves - and not be overpowered by you.

What things might we consider of an over-confident person:

Too confident - a good thing?

Can a person have too much confidence? How do you act if you are over-confident?

  • Would they be too assertive?
  • Will they be aggressive?
  • Too full of themselves?
  • Think they can do anything?
  • Think they can do everything?
  • Think they can do everything well?
  • Would they be disrespectful of others?
  • Would they feel they are superior?

Let's face it, most of these elements are on the unsociable side of acceptability. But is it a thin line between being over-confident and having a healthy level of confidence?

Super confident or arrogant?

Can one avoid arrogance and just be super confident? How could one remain 'just' super confident?

  • Ensure that you are well motivated and your self image is in good shape
  • Appreciate your talents, but don't think they will propel you to over accomplishment
  • Utilize eye contact in social situations - but don't stare people out!
  • Don't get too aggressive with your body language or when communicating. Rather be relaxed and make a point of listening when someone else is talking
  • Be willing to observe confident people - who don't display over confident tendencies - to see how they act and behave
  • Ensure that you have a healthy sense of self worth - you're not perfect after all
  • Speak quietly and be respectful
  • Be disciplined and keep yourself under control
  • Ensure that your behavior is good and wholesome

Assertive v aggressive?

Or, can you avoid aggression but be assertive?

  • An easy answer is to be your good, honest self. A person of integrity and value. One who is unlikely to exhibit aggressive tendencies
  • Be disciplined and keep your emotions in check
  • Ensure your values dictate your actions
  • Be motivated but keep your actions in check
  • Keep your easy going personality on display
  • Behave with dignity and respect
  • Utilize your knowledge of body language e.g. in not talking down to somebody or matching the volume of your voice with the person you are communicating with

How to be practical

Or, can you avoid perfectionism but be practical?

  • Be realistic in regard to your dreams and goals
  • Keep your motivation in check - don't get too excited or carried away
  • Ensure that your self image prohibits the tendencies of a perfectionist
  • Let your values and principles keep your efforts on the straight and narrow
  • Manage your resources and be practical
  • Let your healthy self esteem ensure you respect yourself and your efforts
  • Let your wholesome personality shine through
  • Let your self development program remind you that you are human
  • Allow your behavior to enable you to be practical and productive

Exhibiting over confidence can be reined in. And if you do so you will maintain a healthy self esteem, enhancing your life at the same time.

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