Being Over Critical You May Demand Too Much

Wanting too much?

To be over critical is to take ones analytical abilities one step too far. Or maybe several steps too far.

To judge too harshly or severely shows a lack of forgiveness or understanding. But it may also show a forgetfulness, that at some point the boot may prove to be on the other foot. And we may be the one suffering this attention.

To demand precision where such accuracy is unnecessary is a burden not a gift.

To look to a student and expect too much may well help discourage their creativity, originality and their ability to progress. How this differs from a good old dose of encouragement.

Over anything tends to excess. If we criticize another then we need to have a sight to the consequences. Both to our own relationship and whether we will stifle rather than assist their progress.

Better to encourage. To support and assist. To be able to help another person, and not to take them to task.

One day soon we may be glad that we choose this milder but more caring route.

All best,

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