Let Passion For Life Energize You To Find Purpose And Meaning

Passion is an emotive subject. But here I want to focus not on love and sex, but rather about being passionate about life.

Love and excitement in the sexual desire sense is a integral part of our life. And something worth exploring. But it is just one element in the wide array of human experience. There is much more to discover and investigate, reflect on and assess.

Moving on, being excited about our life is having energy and enthusiasm for our journey through life. Wanting to pick and walk a responsible and honorable path through life.

Making our mark in whatever way that might be. It may take a long while, many years to find ones niche - and does that matter. Just see what we can learn and experience along the way - and then putting effort and heart into that. To make a difference.

Making our contribution. Giving something back. Not just taking but sharing a bit of ourselves. And we ALL can do that. In small and big ways. None may be better or more important than another - that can be and probably is just a human judgment. Do we have the elevation to know the difference and the detachment to really understand?

And who is to compare what we do with another? Which is the more important? A shallow and wasteful exercise and one we need to grow out of. And grow in the sense of develop beyond the need for it.

More important is to be happy and comfortable with one's own lot, one's own contribution, what we are doing day by day. And not just for ourselves but for the greater good.

Using some of our boundles energy and time making this world a better place. And finding our way to do that. And not to the detriment of others either, by stepping on them or pushing them down or out of the way in so doing.

Finding one's purpose in life is both a great relief and source of much pleasure, enjoyment and fulfillment. Then exploring that and how we can improve and develop - these are lifetime goals and achievements to be treasured and appreciated, for their own sake.

Being happy in our own skin is so important. Discover your passion in life. If we can feel that and each night look back on a good day and some progress then life can have some real meaning for us. And we are on the right path - for us . . .

The power of words . . .

Words can be healing, soothing, comforting, relaxing . . .

I hope this passion page will do this and more. I hope these passion for life examples will help to express life in an insightful, penetrating but easy to read manner. And help us to question the lives we lead and the manner in which we live them.

Passion is so central to this our life
without this feeling there can be strife
for we really want this life to work
out for us, productive, satisfying, no time to shirk

Our responsibilities and our affairs
real, true, ourselves with no fanciful aires
but showing off our love, desires and affection
but to be us, be real, no time for needless infatuation

With elements of life off our path
we have no room for anger or for wrath
we need to show of our energies and enthusiasm
well rooted, well directed and in unison

With the rest of our life we can see
our mind, our thoughts, they need be free
to allow our spirit to come out and express
ourselves, practically, productively and not digress

On actions with no point or recompense
in growth and development and at our expense
our passions need be harnessed to give of their best
and throughout our life this may be a real big test

I adore this feeling
do you get it too
the beauty of nature and of you
this is making my life so, so exciting

This raises my spirits
where they need to go
let life really show off its merits
and upon us bestow

The graces and benefits of all around
this life, this world, all to do
we can see that this is all sound
if we just see life's wisdom as its glue

To help us see our inner beauty
there for all of us in glorious plenty
and follow our path and its rightful journey
not waste time, against life mutiny - or just be too choosy

I am just so excited
I feel my life is blessed
my value system has hoisted
my life to a real experience not just some elaborate test

I eagerly meet each day

not knowing what will happen
I can't wait to get into the fray
nothing can my life dampen
my excitement and energy is here to stay
the future does itself beckon
I am happy to live my life in a good way
nothing about my life is common
no need to keep anything at bay
my life is following a beautiful pattern

oh, what more can I say . . .

This is so fascinating
it brings out the best in me
it leaves my sides aching
from the love and laughter I feel
I can't stop myself beaming
I feel so content and free
isn't life such a blessing
I am so fortunate it is almost surreal

oh, let it be, let it be

All best,

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