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Development of the person. No. More important than that. Development of our person. Personal development is that close to us and our life and our needs. Should we not understand it better and take a closer look. Scrutinize our life further. To enable us to put a concerted, focused and determined effort into this? To develop our very own personal-development strategy.

An advantage?

After all, it is to our advantage. Our personal advantage. That we take our personal development seriously. And we can take any advantage we can in life, can't we. Things working in our favor. Put our efforts in to help ourselves. There is enough happening in life to divert us. To distract us. To take away our focus.

Should there be a focus?

But if we did focus our efforts on our personal development what could we achieve. How could we develop? How could we develop personally? What development ideas might we come up with? Which development ideas could we utilize in our own lives? And for what reason? For our benefit and the greater good. In what aspects of our lives could we focus our attention. So, what does personal mean when it comes to development.?

To be personal is to be intimate. Intimate to us as individuals. How individual are we? Are we one of a kind? Certainly we are unique in many ways and should celebrate that. Be proud of that fact. For we are indeed very special. All of us. If we don't recognize that fact then doing so would be an excellent step forward.

A chameleon? What of the foundations of our life?

We can be very quiet in our life. Communicate and live life on our terms. Or, we can be the life and soul of the party. Or, a happy medium.

A chameleon approach is an interesting angle. But an angle with a difference. Changing our outer nature according to the situation or circumstance is fine, just so long as we remain solid and true inside. For the last thing we should be doing is adapting internally to the ever changing outward world. Where would it start and where would it end? And how would we be able to keep up. Keep up with all that is happening in our lives, let alone the world at large. Rather cultivate, enhance and live from our solid internal foundation. This gives us the fundamental, consistent and utterly reliable basis on which to live our life - whatever the world throws at us. This is just what our personal development (and our life) needs.

Our life

We can also live a confident but also private life. A confidential life. Keeping things to ourselves. Having our own experience, a personal experience. Have a satisfying and enjoyable life, but keeping hush, hush about things. We being privy to our own affairs, but keeping things away from the general arena of life. And this is perfectly fine. We just need to be careful that we don't live an insular life. Not an isolated, restricted, confined, secluded life.

Without outside involvement or interaction. For while it is good to keep ones own counsel. After all we all have to make our own decisions, and live with them. We also are sociable beings. We need contact. We need a variety of experience. And it is good to have friends. Share time, experience, life with them. Let our hair down a little, from time to time.

Aspects of development

How could we characterize our personal development? What would it embody? And, what should it represent to us? For us? A balanced effort is most beneficial. A little work here, a little effort there. Focused effort in the right places can make all the difference.

A real effort

Should our development be symbolic or real? Should it typify our efforts or be extra special. Should it be a representative effort or one where we go for it with our all? Go for it with every fiber of our being. Which would give the most benefit? Which would take us further? Which would get the job done?

That's not so difficult when we view things, is it? When we give our life a little time and attention. When we bring it into focus for ourselves. It is worth that effort to do that. Not to get carried away. But to focus and dedicate some time to us, for us and our improvement.

But the distractions …

Yet in the heat of battle, or at least in our every day life, things are not always so easy. Personal development falls by the wayside. There is much in life that can distract our attention. That can take away our focus. Basically, that can get in the way of our intention to act. We want to act, to get the job done. We are willing to put in the effort to improve our life, but.

Where to start?

But to start we need an easy and uninterrupted passage. For to start is the hardest step. Once made we can get on with things, but until then things appear to be in limbo. Here we need to utilize all our goal setting skills. But above all we need to visualize our personal development goal. Get that firmly in our mind. Firmly in our consciousness. Visualize for success. Visualize in order to motivate yourself to take those first steps. Get on the road to the new you.

And the benefits …

And will that road be worth it? You bet. Will the effort get easier? Yes. But you do have to be determined. Have to be disciplined. You have to be dedicated. But it is being dedicated to you and your future we are talking about here.

You need to make a controlled effort. Then your efforts will be worthwhile. And you will be glad you are on the first rung of success. The first rung of the ladder on your rise to fulfilling your desire for personal development. In the game and moving on. Making in roads to improving your life.

And what areas of our life need we develop, and which ones relate to personal development? Which aspects of our life can prosper?

So, if we take this seriously then we can really make a difference. A difference to our life. A difference to the greater world around us. Make a mark in life. Make a statement about our intent. Our aim to enjoy this life. To contribute and to share. To learn and to grow. To strengthen and develop all areas of our life. To create that balanced life we've always sought but which might have eluded us so far. But now those aims and goals can become reality. And we can enjoy a satisfying and productive life each and every day.

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