Personal Growth - Claim Your Rightful Place In Life

Wish or necessity?

Should we just wish for personal growth in life. Or, is it more true that personal growth is an ongoing necessity (for each of us) in life.

In fact if we don't grow what can happen to us. With no growth

  • We can stand still
  • We can stagnate
  • We can find that we don't learn
  • We find that we don't move forward
  • We don't progress
  • We don't develop
  • We don't move

In fact what does happen?

The slippery slope

But worse, it's as if we are on a slope. A backward and downward slope (running away from us). We don't grow. We don't move forward. We, in fact, start to move backwards (backward down the slope away from our previous static position). Slowly at first. But getting quicker. But not, we hope, out of control. We just have to apply the brakes - if we can. But will it be easily? The longer we leave it the worse it will be, the harder it will be to stop this downward spiral of increasing velocity.

But what to do?

This is where we have to play our part. We have to be motivated. We have to try. We have to put some effort in - it is really going to be worth it. We have to be committed. Committed to us. We have to be determined. We have to be disciplined and in control. We have to manage our behavior. We have to keep our attitudes in check.

The rewards are there for all to see. The rewards of personal growth. We grow as people, both within ourselves and in the greater world at large. We put some effort in and progress can be made. We can start to realize some of our potential.

But, you ask, 'can I do it?'

Yes, you are able. You are more than able to achieve growth. However, you have to want to. You have to want to grow - that is the qualification.

The rest you can provide. Be enthused by your life. Get excited at the prospect. You can become a better person. Enhance your self worth. Enjoy your life to the full.

The choice is yours. Your effort. Your life. Your personal growth. There will be hurdles to overcome. Challenges to meet. Barriers to growth to meet and overcome.

And personal-growth goals to make and achieve. Goals help to direct us. Focus our efforts. Make us target orientated. Help us to put our effort in, but in a directed manner.

But the rewards are there for us in an enjoyable, and more fulfilling life. While personal growth is about us and our life knowing where one is going helps no end. Put the effort in and feel you are really contributing to life.

Personal growth inspiration

When we really get into growth it can be inspiring

Personal growth concepts

Which personal growth concepts might we be involved with here? Personal growth means different things to different people. Living life to the full is an obvious concept, but what else?

  • Overcoming challenges and getting the best out of yourself
  • Finding your personal power and using it wisely and productively
  • Finding out what is important to you and focussing your attention in that direction
  • Finding, understanding, being honest with yourself, and devoting yourself to the areas of personal growth you presently require in life
  • Being conscious - about your life, your inner being, and your body
  • Finding and harmonising the different elements of your life - bringing them into balance
  • Finding meaning and purpose in your life
  • Using your talents and strengths to best advantage for the good of all
  • Working to enhance your self confidence, self image and self esteem
  • Learning to respect yourself and others
  • Learning to be disciplined and in control in your life
  • Learning about why you behave the way you do and being honest about any changes that you need to make
  • Learning more about your personality - becoming the person you always wished to be
  • Learning to communicate better - both with yourself and others
  • Seeing yourself as a worthy person - worthy of your love and respect; love yourself and others will love you, too
  • Learn to feel comfortable in your own skin and happy with your self image
  • Increasing your self awareness, and awareness of the world around you
  • Learning to manage your life - to be efficient and productive, but also fun and enjoyable

Personal growth and life coach

Personal growth life coach and life coaching is of this time. We could say it is all the rage. Life coaches offer their services and help people to get the most out of life. A valuable and perhaps necessary service indeed.

But do we need help or can we do it ourselves? Give ourselves the help we require. Interesting question. Well, do we need help? An emphatic, yes. Should that help be from others or from ourselves? Or a mixture of sources?

Help ourselves or seek assistance?

No easy answers - and where have we heard that before? Finding answers to life's questions ourselves is deeply rewarding. And in many ways entirely necessary. But at times we need an objective and trustworthy second opinion.

We at times need a reliable, trusted, independent source of advice, support and encouragement. To motivate us. To help us over various hurdles. To share a problem with. To be someone to talk to. So many things.

We need help in so many ways. Help to overcome hurdles and meet challenges. Help to put things into perspective. Help to distract us at times from the troubles, stresses and strains of everyday life. Help to point out the bigger picture, lest we be lost in the minute detail of something. Help to give things purpose and meaning. Help, help, help.

And what can we do? What can we do in our lives?

The following would be good starting places for consideration and growth

  • There is a need for balance and consistency
  • There is a need for us to give ourselves time
  • Time for ourselves - to ponder and consider
  • A time for quiet, away from the noises and distractions of life
  • A time just for us
  • Quiet time for us
  • Special, precious time just for us

Time for us to feel our inner selves. To come to terms with our life. To realize our place in life. And our life, to give it its true place.

Our part to play

So, as expected, personal growth is a big subject. Demanding of our attention, but willing, at the same time, to take from us only that which we are willing to give. Those decisions of what to do, how to do it, when to learn and when to act, are before us each and every day of our lives. How we react is our own affair. How we react determines our direction at that point in time and the future life we will lead.

Adjust to life - or life adjust to us?

A question arises (among many that we could ask - and perhaps do). Can we make the world adjust to us, or do we have to adjust to the world, or our life?

Integral growth

Personal growth is integral to our future life. The decisions made in our present life, in the time we call now, will mould our lives - how we live, what we do and what contribution we make. Let us just make certain the decision we make are the ones we wish to make, as they will affect everything we do and are. The rewards for each of us of attending to our growth will be enhanced enjoyment and fulfilment in life - so let us make those decisions count.

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