Personal Growth Goals - Focus Your Efforts And Achieve Success

Personal growth goals. Not a new concept but an important one. Personal growth enables us to develop, to reach our full potential. To improve step by step along the path of life. Goals enable us to plan our route. They break the task down into manageable steps or tasks. Your energy, your enthusiasm and desire kicks in. You work your plan. Your own plan to achieve your personal-growth.

A plan

Personal-growth goals. Defined. Refined. Assessed. Planned. Plan worked. Effort put in. excitement rises. Goal achieved. Personal growth goals on our horizon, on our road map to success.

Personal growth concepts

So which personal growth concepts could we discuss here?

Long-term ideas could be growth in the areas of

  • Greater self awareness; greater awareness of ourselves and our place in life - a more fulfilling life, with greater meaning and purpose
  • Being happier in ourselves. Happiness brought about by understanding ourselves better and your personal growth
  • Becoming more comfortable with ourselves. Content in our own skin
  • Acceptance of our place in life - happy that we are making a solid contribution to life
  • Making personal growth goals and concepts a part of our lives

General purpose personal growth goals might be

  • Becoming more disciplined
  • In greater control of our feeling and emotions
  • In greater control of ourselves, our life - but who can control the world?
  • Understanding why we behave the way we do
  • Utilizing our strengths better and more productively
  • Improving and eliminating our weaknesses - or at least coming to terms with them and utilizing the skills involved to best advantage
  • Boosting our confidence levels - but this naturally comes from enjoying life and accomplishing more
  • Enhancing our self esteem - but this comes from tackling our life issues
  • Managing our life better, in a balanced way
  • Understanding our persona better, the things we do and how we do them
  • Being more at ease with ourselves
  • Heightening and balancing our sense of self worth
  • Letting ourselves appreciate and enjoy the personal success we achieve
  • Remembering to reset your personal growth goals once achieved

Put some of those into place and your personal growth goals can become a reality for you.

And the natural reaction to tackling growth areas

  • Having a strong feeling of accomplishment from our personal endeavours
  • Bringing personal growth success to our lives - what a feeling
  • Cementing our solid and firm foundation to maintain steady progress
  • Supported by our values, becoming more mature in our approach to life and how we tackle it
  • Encouragement from tackling hurdles, challenges equally well as the successes and achievements
  • Becoming more aware of turning points in our life
  • Being more conscious, more self aware
  • Becoming more in tune with ourselves and the life we lead
  • Not leaving our talents and strengths remaining hidden, gathering dust. Rather using them, honing them, setting a shining example for others to see and follow
  • To be able to appreciate our life and our efforts within it
  • To be happy that we are making a real contribution, not just for our benefit but for the benefit of others, too
  • Recognizing you are giving something back. You've had your fair share of support, assistance, advice and now are happy to complete the circle by offering your help as and when it is required
  • Realizing you are happy and content in yourself and enjoying a fulfilling life
  • Starting to believe that personal growth goals are one way forward

Involved - and more

You're heavily involved in your own personal growth goals. Goals set, worked on and achieved. And further goals set. You've developed your own personal growth development system. A system that works for you. Utilizing your planning and goal setting skills, and the enthusiasm and energy you apply to achieving the things you are going for.

You are contributing to the welfare of not just yourself, your life, and also those near and dear, but also assisting and contributing in your own way to the greater community. This is a very individual thing, but you are finding your own way. Utilizing your own time, your own skills, your own expertise - but for the greater good.

A wave - not a ripple

A wave now, not just a ripple, is coming forth from your own epi-center of personal growth. You are focussed, committed and determined. You are disciplined, in control, in tune with your life and the path you are travelling. You are comfortable with yourself and this shows in your calmness, patience and care you offer in your dealings with others.

You are energised, enthusiastic and excited by your life, with what is happening and the direction it is leading. You can see more meaning and purpose as you travel your path. More and more things are making sense to you. Further parts of the jigsaw of life are falling into place, partly from your own efforts, partly because life helps you (helps us all) out.

You are finding yourself through your personal growth goals. You are surprising yourself with new insights and wisdom. Your perceptions are heightened. Your consciousness is more in tune with things. More in tune with you. More in tune with life. You are appreciating the experience and the part you are playing. You are proud of your achievements, but see that there is still more to accomplish.

Full steam ahead

Your personal growth journey is in full swing. You felt you started (perhaps) on a back road. Having to negotiate the undulations, sharp turns, blind bends caused upsets and unexpected challenges. But you've now moved on. Your path is now much smoother as you become more in tune with your life. There are still obstacles and set backs, but you are finding that life is giving you more feedback as to how to handle things and move on. Or is it that you are becoming more conscious the further along your path you travel?

But from the back road you have now moved onto the smoother surface of a dual carriageway and appreciate the nature of the two lane road. Things seem to be happening that much quicker now. You are more energised but more is being asked of you. The balance of effort to task is changing. The balance of consciousness to event is increasing. You are now more aware than ever before. You feel good. You feel in control. You are happy. You are realizing your potential.

No room for complacency

Yet you realise you must not become complacent. There is much more to accomplish. Your journey has only just begun, yet you have seen, felt and experienced so many things. So many new wonders to take in. You realise that you need to rest and refresh yourself from time to time. You need simple distractions. But that is fine. The path ahead allows that, and, while it beckons you on, don't be afraid to rest up awhile and take stock.

Realize what has happened. What you have gone through. What you have achieved. What you have left behind. What now has meaning for you. What now has purpose for you.

Rested and ready

Once rested move off again. Head for the sun. Your journey is continuing. The wind is in your hair. The gentle sun is warming your face as you travel on. Your are feeling good as you travel on. Moving ahead to claim you rightful place in life.

Your life. Go claim your slot in the 'grand order of things'. Don't be dismayed by what you see, feel or discover about life or yourself. Rather rejoice. Open your heart. Breath it all in. It is there for you. Your experience. Your tastes. Your smells. Your feelings. Your journey.

Your path. Your contribution. Your fulfilment.

Much progress made

Your personal growth goals have enabled such progress. Backed up by your own efforts. Barriers and hurdles overcome along the way. They indeed have taught you things about yourself, too. A necessary part of any endeavour.

Life is alive for you. You're alive. Your goals for personal growth are carrying you along. Your self esteem is soaring. Your self respect glistening. Your appreciation of life heightening. Your self esteem and life enhanced.

Life is good. Life is great. Life is fun. Life is yours.

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