Being Preoccupied Can Be OK, But Do Not Be Self Obsessed

Keep focused

Being preoccupied can be good and can be bad.

If we are lost in a good action which demands our focus and attention then it can be beneficial.

If, however, we are absorbed in ourselves - self-absorbed - to the exclusion of others around us, then this may well not be so good.

I do feel it is good to immerse ourselves in what we do. To be focused and determined. To be persistent and dedicated. They are all good traits to bring to any venture or task.

But to be lost in thought or distracted is not the same thing. It can put up unnecessary barriers between us and others.

Perhaps we are trying to hide behind them. Keeping other people and the world at bay. Apart and separate from us.

But being distracted is no different from being unaware. Unaware of our life and our being.

The inner us can seem far away. When really it is so close at hand that we can 'touch' it.

We should be careful of becoming self obsessed, heedless of action or speech, oblivious of experience and time, engrossed to the extent of losing onself in the action.

And missing the real movement of life - which is to be found in our spirit, our heart, our life. And something to savor.

All best,

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